“I should have learned from the coach, not be the first coach of WHC Vardar”

"It was a very difficult, very nervous period for me in which I was literally torn between family and club."

From an ordinary handball spectator, Irina Dibirova in March 2017 set on the bench of WHC Vardar without coaching experience and without a coaching license, to lead the F4 team in Budapest twice in the Champions League.

“I’ve got a basic license, the first level, in Russia, after finishing my career, and now I am studying for a master coach. At that time I was offered to be an assistant to David Davis and that was interesting for me, to try to learn as an assistant. But then it happened that David had to return to the men’s team and because it was a difficult (bad) period of the season and WHC Vardar could not find a coach they apointed me as the first coach. But it was a very difficult, very nervous period for me, in which I was literally torn between my family and the club. When I remember, the first away game for Vardar with me as the first coach and I was packed to go, but at night my daughter had high temperature, I had no one to leave her with or anyone to help me, and I did not go on that trip … I always have support from Timur, but he could not do anything with his professional responsibilities. It was very difficult situation for me. From the inside, I wanted to be in handball, but not so fast, to suddenly become the first coach. I could not refuse them, how can I leave the club without a coach? “At that moment I felt I should not leave the team in the lurch, so I had to sacrifice a lot of my private life.”-said Irina Dibirova for Macedonian website 24Rakomet.

The complete interview with once best world player of the year and Russian handball legend you can find in Macedonian langague at this link.