One of the best Serbian players puts focus on her family

One of the best former handball players of the Serbian national team, decided to end her career at the age of 33 after she decided to become a mother for the second time. Sanja Vujovic, formerly known as Damnjanovic, is retiring from the game and in the future she will dedicate herself to her family.

She told the media in Serbia that she made the decision together with her husband, Stevan Vujovic, current player of Motor Zaporozhje.

Damnjanovic says that last year she was separated from her husband who played in Zaporozhje, and she in Podgorica. The distance itself was the hardest for their son Viktor, so after Stevan extended his contract with Motor, they decided to expand the family.

Damnjanovic is one of the best handball players from Serbia and in her career has trophies from all major competitions. She won a silver medal at the World Cup in Serbia, and wore the Vardar jersey from 2015 to 2017.