Montpellier – Aix 40-28 (21-12)

Hope lasted at most a quarter of an hour for Aix in first match of the new LNH season. It looked like  the Provencal visitors took matters in their hands with Alexandros Vasilakis (1-3 at 4 ‘) leadership but it did not last for long. And in 18 ‘, Jeremy Roussel team could not manage Montpellier game, hosts made a great  6-0 (including four goals for Gajic) which ment end of Aix hopes. Montpellier’s defense tightened it’s grip , and were very precise in attack. At the break the damage was done. In the second halftime, Aix  tried to use Montpellier comfort and lack of concentration. But without convincing results as hosts finished with a great advanntage. Dragan Gajic (10 goals) but also  Thierry Omeyer (12 saves), Tej, Kavticnik and Grebille (5 goals each) have been key players in Montpellier.