On Tuesday this week, FRISCH AUF! Göppingen announced the obligation of Sweden’s Magnus Andersson as new FRISCH AUF! coach from the 2014/15 season. Today, the 47-year-old handball coach had come to Göppingen to face the media.
FRISCH AUF! CEO Gerd Hofele said that the joining of coach Magnus Andersson is new and the most important data for FRISCH AUF!, he presented the very successful handball expert with a welcome gift, a FRESH UP! jersey with Andersson’s favorite number 13.
FRISCH AUF! CEO Gerd Hofele had referred to the beginning of that Magnus Andersson coaching, as the start of an era of one of the preferred candidate for FRISCH AUF!. The previous success as a player and coach speak for themselves.
For Magnus Andersson was crucial  that FRISCH AUF! traditionally is well-run club, with which he can realize his ideas. Now everything was fitted and he is looking forward to his first coaching position in the German handball league:
“I am proud to be a coach of Göppingen and I go with 100% motivation in the DKB HBL”.
His goal will be to build, depending on the financial resources a team that can finish in the top six in the league. His philosophy is based on a strong defense and goalkeeper’s performance. Quick counter attack shocks and beautiful handball to delight the audience. Counting on his leadership philosophy,
“I maintain a good relationship with my players. I talk a lot with the players, through the positive things and improvement potential. “
Magnus Andersson and FRISCH AUF! have signed a two year contract. With the prospective coach his wife Ulrike will move to Göppingen. The adult children Sebastian and Isabella are already out of the house and will stay in Sweden.
FRISCH AUF! CEO Gerd Hofele at the end of the press conference gave an outlook on future structural aspects. He announced that in the coming season Aleksandar Knezevic will be the new sports director of FRISCH AUF!. About the wider effects on the structures at FRISCH AUF! and the FRISCH AUF! women will be discussed in the coming weeks and months, and then promptly be informed. And also the impact on the composition of the FRISCH AUF! team for the coming season are now jointly discussed and promoted. The new FRESH UP! coach Magnus Andersson granted in this respect to demand the journalists only limited insight:
“I have to only take a picture. Basically a larger upheaval will not occur and all players have their chance. But due to the disposal of Momir Rnic already obtained a new demand anyway. “