Barcelona-Puente Genil 39-23

Barcelona doesn`t have a rival on their level in the Asobal league. They use every match to prepare better for the next taugh matches in the EHF Champions League. And this time the “Catalans” gave some handball lessons and defeat the team of Puente Genil with 39-23.
The best players in the team of Barcelona were Nikola Karabatic(7 goals) and Kiril Lazarov(6 goals).


BM Huesca-Granollers 24-25

Spectacular start of the season for Granollers.They won 2 important points in a taugh game against Huesca and now they are on the top of the Spanish handball league with 5 wins from 5 played matches.
Granollers were dominating in the inicial 16 minutes of the match and in the 7th minite had the first lead of 3 goals(3-6) thanks to the great play of Alejandro Ruiz and Rodrigo Salinas.Besides that in the 16th minute Huesca managed to tie the match (8-8),and go to the halftime with a lead of one goal(13-12).In the second half Granollers tied the result(16-16),and with the two magnificent goals of Fernando Sole,manage to take the lead with (16-18).Besides the good game of the guests the team of Huesca in the 19th minute tied the result(21-21).In the last minute of the match there was a big intensity,the game was equal,until the last moments of the game when Granollers menage to secure the 5th win in the 5th match.
Top scorers in the team of Granollers were: A.Ruiz 5(3p),R.Salinas 5(1p).
Tuesday(21pm) starts the derby match between Barcelona and Granollers that will decide the top position in the league.

Results of the 5th round in Asobal:

Villa de Aranda-Ademar Leon 28-30
Encantada-BM Guadalajara 27-27
Barcelona-Puente Genil 39-23
Huesca-Granollers 24-25
Puerto Sagunto-Helvetia Anaitasuna 28-25
Gijon- Bidasoa Irun 31-23
Cuatro Rayas Valladolid- Frigoríficos Morrazo 29-29
Naturhouse La Rioja-BM. Aragón 29-29