Reale Ademar León 34:29 Guadalajara

The team of Reale Ademar León managed to get the intended victory after the spectacular second half. The game started with an equalized game and a small lead of the visitors thanks to the great 9 meters shots and a few lucky goals under the pressure of a passive play. But the team of Reale Ademar León started to play better in defense, and thanks to a few goals from counterattacks had the biggest lead in the first half 18-16. The team of Guadalajara got back in the game, reaching a draw 18-18 which was the final result of the first half.
ademar guadalahara 1

In the second half Ademar started to play 5-1 defense which resulted with a lot of mistakes in the attack of the visitors. In the host`s team the goalkeeper Asanin was brilliant with amazing saves that caused fear in the rival`s team. Reale Ademar León was increasing the lead constantly and won with 34-29.

Real Ademar:Asanin(Rogelio), Carou (2), Piñeiro, José Mario Carrillo (6), Domenech (1), Dacevic (5), Iván Méndez, Alberto Molina, García Vega (2), Juan Castro (3), Tatarintsev (5), Víctor Alonso (10)

Guadalajara (18+11): Oliveira (Moyano), Parra (1), Jorge Filipe (4), Reig (2), Pozzer (1), Vigo (7), Plaza (9), Fontenla (2), Muiña (2), Valadao (1) Referees: The brothers Escudero Santiuste. Two minute suspension for Domenech, Carou, Piñeiro, Víctor Alonso (2); Muiña, Valadao and Jorge Filipe.

Globalcaja Ciudad Encantada 22:25 Granollers

The players of Tony Garcia managed to get back home with two important points from Cuenca. Despite the first 9 minutes when they were in negative 3-1, the rest of the first half was dominated by the team of Granollers. The good game in defense resulted with an 1-5 run, and the visitors had a lead of 4-6 in the 16th minute. The hosts tried with all their strength to get back in game, but the marvelous Schulz on the goal of Granollers stopped their attacks successfully. After all the first half ended with 9-11.

In the second half Schulz continued with the amazing saves and had 52 % saved shots. In the 35th minute Granollers had a lead of 5 goals. Schulz was brilliant on the goal, but the Chilean Rodrigo Salinas scored 8 goals out of 10. Although Granollers were superior in that part of the game, Globalcaja Ciudad Encantada with an 4-0 run managed to get back and to reduce the result in 22-23. But the Catalans managed to maintain the lead until the end of the game thanks to Adrian Perez and Rodrigo Salinas.

Globalcaja Ciudad Encantada (9 +13): Oliva, Liponiva (3), Sorrentino (2), David Mendoza, Viscovich (7, 2p), Renaud (5), Sifre, De Hita (p), Nacho Moya, Álvaro Pérez-Ortiz, Victor Frade (3) and Milosevic (2).

Fraikin Granollers (11 +14): Matthias Schulz, Marc Garcia (2), Adrian Perez (2), Ferran Solé (2), Rodrigo Salinas (8, 3p), Grundsten (2), Juan del Arco (2), Blanxart (2), Albert Pujol, Capdevila, Arnau Garcia (1), Raul Campos (3) and David Resin (1).

Puerto Sagunto 33:27 Frigoríficos Morrazo

Puerto Sagunto with a brilliant game made an explosion in their sports arena “Ovni”. The hosts won against the team of Frigoríficos Morrazo with 33-27 in the 7th round of the ASOBAL league and got two important points. The first half started with two quick goals of Grau. The team of Pachi Martí LLuesma(coach of Puerto Sagunto), was concentrated using the mistakes in the attack of the visitors and with counterattacks had a 4-1 lead. Pillo( coach of Frigoríficos Morrazo) requested time-out to stop the series of the hosts. From the 15th minute the visitors managed to reduce the difference in 8-7 thanks to Muratovic, but Puerto Sagunto thanks to the great defense increased the lead in 10-7. With the entering in game of Ruben Ruiz, Carles Luna and Tony Alegre, they managed to return the initial lead of 4 goals, and to finish the half with the major lead of 5 goals 16-11.


Puerto Sagunto started the second half with the same rhythm, with fast counterattacks towards the goal of Smidl. They continued with the same intensity and had the major lead of 24-14. Although Grau had a two minute suspension Puerto Sagunto managed to maintain the lead (25-18). In the team of the visitors Rosales Pousada tried to keep his team in the game, and in that period Morazzo managed to reduce the result 26-22 which was a sign for the coach of the hosts Pachi Marti to request a time-out. Morrazo reduced the result in 2 goals difference,and that was their maximum. Puerto Sagunto won the match with 33-27.

Fertiberia BM Puerto Sagunto: Bruixola, Samuel, Marc Andreu, Rubén Ruiz(2), Moriñigo(5), Tarrasó(3), Lluna, Apelgren(8), Grau(5), Plaza(2), Toni Alegre(1), Nebot(3), Fernández(1), Dukic(3) and Roque.

BM Cangas Friogríficos del Morrazo: Simes(3), Pousada(1), Amarelle(2), David Soliño(2), Jesús Soliño(5), Smild, Eijo(1), Mijuskovic, Krook, Cerqueira(1), Rosales(6), Pumar(1), Iglesias and Muratovic(5).

Referees:Fernando Joaquín Fernández Pérez and Alberto García Rodríguez.

Expulsions for Fertibeira BM Puerto Sagunto :Tarrasó, Grau, Nebot, Ángel Fernández(2) and for BM Cangas Frigoríficos del Morrazo :Eijo(2), Cerqueira and Rosales.

Sports Arena Municipal ‘Ovni’ 1500 spectators.

Villa Aranda 32:26 Angel Ximenez P. Genil

First win in the ASOBAL league for Villa Aranda. They were superior in this game against the team of Angel Ximenez P. Genil that was very insecure. They played bad defense that was used by Villa Aranda with counterattacks, and that`s why they had the biggest lead in the 21th minute of 14-6. The hosts continued to play good and finished the first half with a lead of 18-11.

Villa Aranda started furious the second half, and in the 35th minute had a lead of 21-12, which was maintained until the end of the game, and won with 32-26.

VILLA DE ARANDA TOP RIBERA: Xavi Díaz, Cabanas (1), Emilio Esteban (4), Diego Camino (6), Rasero (4), Sladic (6), Vallés (3) (Amérigo, ps), Doldan, Markel Beltza, Javi Muñoz, Roberto Sánchez (2), Juanlu Moyano (2) and Miguel Ángel Martínez (4, 1p).

ÁNGEL XIMÉNEZ DE PUENTE GENIL: Arguillas, Olea (1), Nacho Moya (4), Cuenca (4), Curro Muñoz (1), De la Sierra (4), Demovic (1) (Chirosa, ps), Jorge Sánchez (1), Soto (4, 1p), Morales (2), Fuentes (4) and Porras.

Referees: Gracia Sánchez (Cataluña) and Rodríguez Rodríguez (Galicia).

Two minute expulsion: Emilio Esteban, Doldán, Diego Camino, Markel Beltza (2) and Sladic, for Villa de Aranda; and Olea (2), Jorge Sánchez, Demovic, De la Sierra y Porras for Puente Genil.

VDA  PGE  32 – 26
CQN   GRA 22 – 25 
BAR  ANA 34 – 23 
HCA   BID 30 – 25 
PSG  CNG 33 – 27 
GIJ    ZAR 29 – 28 
LOG  VLL 29 – 23