While we are waiting for the start of round four, let us revise the  matches of last week in Asobal’s third round …

Gijom-Granollers 22-29


Good start to the season for Granollers.They noted the third win in a row, from three played matches.The first half started with equal play.Then, the team of Gijon started to play very good defence led by goolkeaper Adam Savic,and in the 9 min had a lead of 6-4.Granolers responded with two quick goals by David Resina Forns and Alvaro Ruiz Sanchez, and in the 12 min manage to equalized the result.The first half ended with 12-13 for the team of Granollers. In the second half Granollers started to play much better,and with a series of 3-0 took the lead with 12-16.The team of Gijon managed to reduce the result with 14-16, but Granollers don’t stop and with the goals of Nicklas Grundsten and Juan Del Arco Perez increased the lead to 15-20 in 40 min.By the end of the match, Granollers increased the lead and won with 22-29.

Top scorers in the team of Granollers were Juan Del Arco Perez(6goals)and Nicklas Grundsten(5goals).
In the team of Gijon Costoya and Huerta scored 4 goals.

Aragon-Irun 30-28


Аragon has made their first victory in the Asobal handball league.In the first half both teams had good periodes.It was equalised antil the end of the match when Aragon manage to lead the game, and won scoring the first two points in the league.

Top scorers: Aragon( Lozano(8 goals), Antonio Cartón Llorente(5goals)
Irun(Jon Azkue Saizar(10 goals),Juan Agustin Vidal(6goals)

Puerto Sagundo-Genil 30-27
Valladolid-Anaitasuna 26-26
Cuenca-Villa De Aranda 24-24