HSG Wetzlar lose 24:25 against Bergischer HC

In most tragic way, the HSG Wetzlar lost third home game with 24:25 against the UW HC.  Christian Rompf and Kristian Bliznac took part in this game, because HSG coach could not count on long-term injured German  national team player Tobias Reichmann (knee) and middle back Florian Laudt (lumbago). The Green-Whites offered the 3712 spectators at the Rittal Arena  combative appealing performance, however, with the final whistle they stayed at the loosing end since the last shot of Bergischer player Viktor Szilagyi was tragically nearly ten centimeters behind the goal line and thus the Domstädtern had their fourth defeat, out the first five games.

The HSG Wetzlar in the first few minutes did not manage to find their game. This was reflected in the score, so in the eight minute it was already 5-2 for the BHC. But green and white offensive play got better continued in that course through NT player Steffen Faeth and Jens Tiedtke. Faeth proved to be accurate from beyond the “nine-meter line” and Jens “Tito” Tiedtke had scored some goals with remarkable movement and control of the ball. In next 18 Minutes, both teams have had seven goals on their credit side.

In the 20 minute the game heated, serious foul of BHC- Stanko Sabljic to Steffen Faeth’s which resulted by not allowing Stanko Sabljic to be part in the game, as he was shown a red card for the foul. In the last ten minutes of the first half, both teams struggled on offense, but without being able to produce effectiveness. But the last shot just before half-time siren from newcomer Robin Kent Tönnesen, made 12:12, so the equalizer could put a highlight in the first half.

In the first minutes of the second half HSG had better start and went with 17:15 lead after 37 minutes. Almost every attack of both teams was stretched to the limit of what is possible because it lacked two standard player in attack and a little creativity and impact. It was tight for the BHC in the offensive, but Hinze proteges could rely on their playmaker Szilagyi, which made very easy goals. On the side of the HSG Wetzlar it was, among other things, the Norwegian national team Tönnesen Robin Kent, who was very accurate. Nevertheless, it could be any of the two teams in the lead, clearly underlining the intermediate score of 21:21 after 53 minutes.

The big highlight, however, should follow almost seven minutes later, because with the last shot of Viktor Szilagyi and with a good dose of luck, he scored the final goal, very bad luck for HSG goalkeeper.

Conclusion, end, off!

Comforting words and gestures followed immediately, for the downcast HSG support.

“I absolutely do not blame Andy,” said HSG coach on the press conference.

HSG Wetzlar:  Wolff, Hombrados; force Tiedtke (4/1), Tonnesen (6), Balic (3), Bliznac, Faeth (7), Klesniks, tap (1), Ruff, Weber (1), Rompf (2 .)

Bergischer HC:  Gustavsson, Chicken Stock, hope, Sabljic, Hegemann, Milijak, Gunnarsson, trinkets (4), Oelze (2/1), Artmann (5), Woss (4), White, Szilagyi (8), Berggren ( 2).

Time Penalties:  6:4 minutes: HSG (Bliznac, Tiedtke, Faeth) – Bergischer HC (White 2x) –  Special events: Red card for Stanko Sabljic (serious foul play) –  throw penalty:  1:3 / 1:1 –  Referee:  Brewers / Holm – Attendance:  3712th

Post match:

Sebastian Weber:  “We had the entire game at eye level. Today there was a lot of bad luck because we have delivered a great performance. The backcourt players had to play almost all of what you have already noticed at the end. Since then small concentration errors have crept. ”

Quay wall Schneider:  “We fought bravely today and again had unconditional support of our sensational audience. We have no reward today in many parts of the game for our good coverage performance. Kudos to Robin Kent Steffen Faeth and Tonnesen, which have nearly the last three games played through in seven days and today we have again shown a good performance. A team that shows so much heart and passion is to be rewardrd in the course of the season. ”

Szilagyi:  “We deserved to win today. In the first half we were clearly the better team, but it missed us have clearly discontinued. In the second half we played very disciplined. The last throw was very luckily but clear so that’s just life. It all evens itself out again. ”

Sebastian Hinze:  “After such a close game, hard earned, we can not talk about undeserved. It was a very combative game, we also wanted to win. We had planned to patiently play in attack, which was also very well done. Today it could have run out otherwise. “