BM Villa de Aranda – FC Barcelona 20:44 (9:21)

In the second round of the Spanish handball league, the team of Barcelona won against BM Villa de Aranda.Xavi Pascual’s men won decisively away to Aranda del Duero thanks to its good defence and efficiency going forward. Karabatic and Victor Tomás were the teams highest scorers, with 6 goals apiece. It was a fantastic atmosphere in Aranda del Duero when Barça took on their Castilla y Leon counterparts in the second round of the Liga Asobal (20:44).
Barça’s good defence and Karabatic, Victor Tomás (6 goals apiece) and Rutenka and Stranovsky’s (5 goals apiece) efficiency going forward gave the team its first win on the road of the season. It’s worth noting the performances put in by the Barça keepers, who saved 51% of the shots taken on their goal. Sterbik saved 11 shots while Saric blocked 16.