Results of the fourth round of the League ASOBAL

The fourth day of the full ASOBAL Wednesday has finished, and cristalized some things in ASOBAL League, FC Barcelona and Fraikin BM Granollers remain in front of the table, unbeaten and tied now with eight points after winning in the first four games of the competition. Meanwhile, the Angel Ximenez Puente Genil has added its first win in ASOBAL imposed by a single goal against BM Huesca. Another match has been decided by one goal lead, Frigoríficos Morrazo 26 – BM Aragon 25. The Galicians are being the surprise of this Wednes game day in the league as they have six points of the eight possible and rank fourth in the standings, tied with Naturhouse La Rioja. Interestingly, this was the third consecutive day ASOBAL League where there have been two draws, Leon between the Reale Ademar and GlobalCaja Ciudad Encantada and in Irun between Bidasoa and Cuatro Rayas Valladolid. For Reale Ademar León is second equalizer at home, while the point obtained by the Bidasoa in Irun, assumes that the historic Basque team finally got points in the league. Thus, there are no teams without a point this season, something that had not happened in previous seasons at this stage of the competition.
VDA  LOG  23 – 36
ADE  CQN  25 – 25
GUA BAR   28 – 35
PGE   HCA 24 – 23
GRA  PSG  31 – 22
ANA GIJ    34 – 18
BID   VLL  20 – 20
CNGZAR  26 – 25
Highlights from the match Guadalajara- Barcelona 02.10.2013  20:15