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Meshkov line player, Shumak open the score 1:0 for the hosts, but that was the only lead in the game for them. Dinamo picked up the pace and with  Misha Peyanovich at the goal they made 2-5 lead in 10 minutes.  The guests kept that lead till 17 minute  when Kamyshik scored for 5-7. Then Meshkov back Markotić hit the net for   7:8, which was a reason for time out for Boris Denic, but the home team had their momentum and in  27th minute they equalized -with a goal from Karachich. But Shelemenko and Doborac took the matter in their hands and Dinamo finished the first half with 1 goal lead 11-12.

After the break Karachich reduces to 12:13 but Dinamo’s winger Ninchevich responded for 12:14. Meskov had a chance from penalty to get to only one goal difference but Peyanovich saved Tartar’s shot, which Rutenka used to make three goals lead 12-15. The guest started playing more relaxed and after few good saves from Dinamo’s goalkeeper they got five goals lead 12-17. The match ended 20-26 for Dinamo Minsk although in the final period of the match they had seven goals lead (19-26).


Zeljko BABIC  head coach of the BGK:

– Congratulations to “Dinamo” for the victory. Today, they were stronger. In the first half,  we failed to played well in defense. But when you’re playing against such a serious team as “Dinamo” and make mistakes in the majority – to win hard. “Dinamo” is playing better. We have a problem with the composition. As soon as I made a change in the team – as we started  losing the game. The “Dinamo” had no such problems. They can afford to make changes and maintain the same level.

We will train harder. There will be more games and there will be opportunities to beat  “Dinamo”. We look forward with optimism.

Vitaly CHEREPENKO goalkeeper BGK:

– I would like to congratulate  Dinamo on their victory and wish them good luck in the Champions League matches. As for today’s match, in the first half there was  passion, and struggle. In the second half we failed at the start and gave  “Dinamo” five goals lead. They held to this advantage  to the end.

Now our team has a lot of injuries, we can not train at full strength. This is one of the reasons why we do not show the game that is expected of us by our fans, and the management … We will work and fix the situation.

Boris DENICH, head coach of Dinamo:

– The match was a real derby. You saw that both teams were tactically well prepared. But the best line of both teams would call security. In this game all the individual skills of the players decided to “Dinamo”.

Denis RUTENKA, right winger, Dinamo:

– As always – the game was difficult. More than half of the game was played in stiffness for both teams. Only when we came off a bit in the lead in the second half – it was made easy. Psychologically, the attack was easier to play. Overall success.

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