In the clash between two teams from the lower third of the table HSG Wetzlar finally won a 28:23 (14:10) victory over THSV Eisenach who continues without three key regulars (Lilienfeld, Hansen, Koloper) due to an injuries.
tthv weclarl“A big-game points”, said Schneider, the coach of Wetzlar, the bar for his team had been set very high. Wetzlar, after the most successful season in club history, were on the bottom of the table after nine rounds. From the playground viewpoint, ThSV Eisenach was at least as good. “We offered 45 minutes, the best defensive performance of the season,” Adalsteinn Eyjolfsson,coach of Eisenach emphasized.”In attack we ran in to a simple errors that throw our percentage from the 9 – and 8-meter range to not satisfactory,” stated Adalsteinn Eyjolfsson. The HSG Wetzlar with the world star Ivano Balic, Champions League winner Carlos Prieto, their eleventh newcomer, and goalkeeping legend Jose Hambrados went in the game against ThSV Eisenach. Finally after the final whistle in the sold out Rittal Arena with 4300 spectators Wetzlar celebrated their victory. At 22:19 with a power-performance of Daniel Luther (52th) briefly sprouted faint hope in the camp of ThSV Eisenach, the team and more than one hundred traveling fans on. HSG Wetzlar scored from left wing (Kevin Schmidt) and right wing (Tobias Reichmann) within a minute for 24:19 (52th), and when they started from the center of the court at 27:21 the last doubts on the point allocation were cleared. Goalkeeper Jose Hombrados has provided, with his routine saves at his own ranks. Wetzlar increased their “survival” account on seven points, ThSV Eisnach remains at three points. For the team of ThSV in the first line-up were Bjarki Elisson on left and Nick Heinemann right wing, Aivis Jurdzs on the left and Dener Jaanimaa in the right back (in defense replaced by Daniel Luther), Tomas Sklenak on the central back position, Peter Pucelj the line player and Stanislaw Gorobtschuk(goalkeeper) showed no respect for the big names on the opposite side, playing fresh, lively and courageous. Tomas Sklenak conducted and found himself with “dry” throws like a 2-2 (5). A Holzabpraller fished, Nick Heinemann. served on the county lurking Tomas Sklenak which netted to 2:3 (7). After a Gorobtschuk Parade Aivis Jurdzs drew in return to 2:4 from (8). Both teams made use of attack and cover changes. While superstar Ivano Balic scored the 5-5 tie (11). ThSV played better at that period, but could not capitalized from some clear positions, good scoring opportunities remained unused. Hesse, however, came from the 5:6 (11) for 8:6 (15). Goalkeeper Jose Hombrados saved some important goals from the Eisenach backcourt line and the score was again on Wetzlars side 10-9 (22′). In the last ten minutes of the first half, the hosts had two players advantage due to 2 minutes suspension on two ThSV players, they took advantage of this for 12:9 (24′), by Steffen Faeth and Kent Tönnesen subsequently increased to 14:9 (28′). Outnumbered, yet with fresh courage the Thuringian start in the second half, in two minutes they decrease the lead of the hosts to two goals difference (14-11 32′).That was as close as they could get to Watzlars lead, it was 17-13 in 18′ and 19:14 in 41′. With much more physical presence and hardness, Wetzlar fought the guests and despite the highest 28:22 (57′) the encounter was extremely intense.

Beautiful highlight of the meeting was just after the final whistle, the adoption of Jose Hombrados. The Spanish world class goalkeeper had been committed in the short term as a replacement for the injured Magnus Dahl and within a few days to “anchor point of the team” (Schneider wall) and become a fan favorite. Almost all 4300 spectators lingered in the words of praise of the CEO Björn Seipp at the Rittal Arena Wetzlar, and the fans cheered for their “Hotta” a loud “Humba, Humba”, so that the 41 year old could not stop the tears in his eyes.


VfL Gummersbach lost with 24:32 against SG Flensburg-Handewitt. It was the early 0:5 VfL could not catch up after seven minutes.
flensburgthumb_18073__newsDetailWith Captain Christoph Schindler, VfL Gummersbach could revert to their playmaker who missed few games of VfL after a shoulder injury and paused for eight weeks. However, the guests lacked Thomas Mogensen, who was injured in the Champions League, he pulled a hamstring and missed this match. But it did not affect SG Flensburg. The offensive action of Gummersbach was absent in the first five minutes of the match. SG and their goalkeeper Mattias Andersson prevented any sense of achievement. Flensburg, however, from the start played well on the offensive. Even outnumbered the guests managed to score. The result: The guests were in the lead with 0-5 after

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seven minutes behind. VfL’s Andreas Schroeder scored his first goal of the game and first for Gummersbach. It was followed by a second shock for the VfL. Michal Kopčo got the red card in 14th minute. The Arena cooked because of the controversial action and Flensburg used the unrest and increased to 11:5 after 18 minutes. Christoph Schindler, in 19th minute got in the court after his comeback for VfL, but also good moves today were simply not the way to score. The SG, however, further increased the lead, Eggert scored the 13:5 after 22 minutes. Michal Kopčo was missing in many situations in VfL defensive unit, it was the young Nemanja Mladenovic on the plate. The Wolves fought for every ball and slow the home side came back into the game. Four goals in a row by Christoph Schindler, Nemanja Mladenovic and twice Raul Santos and VfL was suddenly back in the game: 11:15 just before the break. But Flensburg scored at the last second for 16:11 at half-time. In the first minutes of the second half, it remained constant in the five-goal lead for the visitors, the VfL left no chance to close the gap. Flensburg with larger alternatives in their own ranks further controlled the game, especially by the strong backcourt.It did not get closer than four goals down in the second half. 3314 spectators in the arena, saw in the final phase not a different picture, Gummersbach fought against the favorite, but Flensburg controlled the game and safely played it till the end, with final score Gummersbach:SG Flensburg, 24:32.


The THW Kiel is returned after the away defeat in Magdeburg back on track in DKB Handball Bundesliga. On Wednesday evening, the “zebras” HBW Balingen-Weilstetten defeated by balanced first 20 minutes ultimately significantly with 35:24 (20:12). Top scorer on the side of Kiel was Marko Vujin with 8/1 hits.
thumb_20707__newsDetailThe 10,285 fans in the Sparkassen-Arena celebrated the success and clear Bundesliga debut of Tjark Müller with standing ovations. The 20-years-old man from the own funds of “Zebra” junior completed his first minutes on the floor of the Sparkassen-Arena. THW coach Alfred Gislason had Müller, who had traveled with to Porto for the Champions League match, again in the squad because Aron Palmarsson was missing, which will be preserved after his knee surgery in the next four weeks, and captain Filip Jicha was not yet back from a flu in full the possession of his powers. The tight staffing situation at the German record champions is worst after the 60 minutes, during which time there were only two penalties for HBW. First, Marko Vujin dislocated his thumb, later Wolfgang Strobel Rasmus was hit very unfortunate and the Dane lay dazed, but came in the final quarter with decent skull hum and two loose teeth. Vujin also returned to the court. Kiel handball only had problems in the first twenty minutes with the relegation-threatened visitors. They initially found the gaps in the not very versed occurring “Zebra” defense. Kiel’s first offensive play expressed Jicha with safe turned seven meters and Marko Vujin . The guests came through 1-1 situations and scored with throws from the backcourt. Rene Toft Hansen served to 8:6, and a little later, Sprenger to 10:8 and Valur Sigurdsson to 11:8 by a counter-attack, Kiel seemed to settle. However, Kracher scored from the right back to 12:9 . When Vujin then dislocated his thumb in a post hits that guests used the counter-attack to 11:12 (19th). Gislason responded and brought Johan Sjöstrand to replace Andreas Palicka. A good move, as it turned out. For behind a now more hard-hitting defense, the Swede supported his team. Only one goal conceded in Kiel in the eleven minutes to the page change. Christian Zeitz served the run-in to Sigurdsson to 13:11, shortly after Zeitz fit on the front to strong playing Toft Hansen for 14:11. The appetite for goals of THW but it was not yet satisfied: Toft Hansen scored on a long pass from liquor to 17:12, Sjöstrand defused a Kempa attempt by Haefner and initiated the counter attack by Sigurdsson for 18:12, and Jicha assisted Toft Hansen for 19:12. Rolf Brack pulled out his trump card and brought Theuerkauf as seventh outfield. But without success: Because after mistake in attack he could not switch back, and Jicha scored against the “goalkeeper” Theuerkauf for 20:12. From this Kiel came back good. Only served Zeitz Dominik Klein, enforced by servers, then the left-hander scored himself the 22:13. The unfortunate head hit the liquor collected then brought disorder into short Kiel game: Left Wing Sigurdsson took over the center position, but in the Kiel attack, errors crept. Moreover, since Katsigiannis in HBW-gate had some strong minutes and Jicha had to stay out there with short breathing, the guests came through counterattacks zoom back: 46 minutes and Martin Strobel’s gateway to 20:25 HBW was at least back in range. Gislason reacted by bringing both lye and Jicha again – the majority situation after Böhm’s penalty took Vujin and Toft Hansen to 27:20, marked by a small Toft Hansen block in the counter-attack 28:20, and Jicha scored from the circle to 29: 20 (49). Within three minutes, the THW Kiel had forced a 4-0 run that decision. An ovation from the stands when Maradona Tjark Müller came in the game. The THW young man came after 53 minutes, and celebrated his Bundesliga debut. With Miller and a counterattack thunderstorm Kiel sealed the result to 35:24. Particularly spectacular was the goal for 34:22: Ekberg had a ball from his own area and

with his back to the field, standing almost “blind” fitted with a backhand throw at the center line yo Wael Jallouz who fired the ball with force into the net – this goal tore the audience out of their seats.


After the great victory against THW Kiel SCM TuS N-Luebbecke expected more in the GETEC arena. The away series of the TV Großwallstadt is torn. After three consecutive victories as guests, the team was defeated by Dirk Beuchler SC Magdeburg 30:26.
Only the initial phase designed the East Westphalia balanced, from midway through the end of the first half, SC had established a three-goal lead, which had existed until the break (16:13). Even after changing the TuS-defense could not decisively narrow and made too many mistakes in attack that was used by the opponent. In addition, the guests had to cope with the loss of Drago Vukovic, who suffered a head injury. They completely lost the thread and came after a 6-0 run with 24:16 behind. “The victory is absolutely deserved by Magdeburg. Today, we have simply not found in our performance. Up to the last quarter of an hour we did not have the necessary aggressiveness and compactness applied to the day, “concluded Mr. Dirk Beuchler. “But I’m happy because we proved morale at the end and have fought us back approach. The last few weeks have also tasted strength and substance – that and the lack of alternatives have also made noticeable today. Now a day or two recovery hip and then it goes again further against the Rhein-Neckar Löwen. ” The SC Magdeburg has earned on Tuesday night in front of 4,400 spectators against TuS N-Luebbecke an unchallenged victory and moves on to the 5th place on the scoreboard. Best shooters at 30:26 victory were from SCM: Jure Natek with seven goals and Frank Loke, Gabor Langhans and Tim Remer for the guests, each with four goals.


The results of the 10th round:

16.10.2013 20:15

THW Kiel35:24HBW Balingen-Weilstetten

16.10.2013 20:15

VfL Gummersbach24:32SG Flensburg-Handewitt

18.10.2013 19:45

HSG Wetzlar28:23ThSV Eisenach

19.10.2013 19:00

TV Emsdetten28:31TSV Hannover-Burgdorf

19.10.2013 19:00

TuS N-Luebbecke23:22Rhein-Neckar Löwen

19.10.2013 19:00

HSV Handball35:30TSV GWD Minden

19.10.2013 19:00

Bergischer HC31:27SC Magdeburg

19.10.2013 19:00

MT Melsungen33:31FRESH UP! Göppingen

20.10.2013 15:00

TBV Lemgo26:33Foxes Berlin