With the match between METZ-LEIPZIG a new season of Womens EHF Champions league was opened.On today’s program were four matches.

Metz Handball (FRA) vs HC Leipzig (GER) 22:23 (11:13)


Metz lost by a goal (22-23)  at home against the German HC Leipzig in the first match of the group stage of the Champions League. Leipzig, led from start to finish, Metz wanted to make a comeback but it was too late and not  effective. Leipzig dominated in the first period but Metz was lagging by just two goals (11-13 at halftime), the hosts completely sank after the break (12-20, 40th minute).

Lacking offensive solutions of the Germans, committed the players of Sandor Rac to gradually reduce the gap in the last quarter of the match. However they missed several chances to equalize.
The club president Thierry Weizman was rather bitter after this defeat on the wire:
 ” They were not ready for combat , he has said on beIN Sport. The pace was very different than what is done in Championship France, we were very surprised. They lacked concentration, commitment, they woke up 10 minutes too late, it is not enough. “
Metz next match is this Saturday in Sweden against Sävehof to redress the balance towards its goal to advance in the next round, as two years ago. Leipzig will host Krim Merkator in the next round.

Arena Metz, October 5, 2013 
Referees: MME Brehmer and Skowronek (POL)
Halftime: 11-13 

HANDBALL METZ: Goalkeepers: Pierson (3 stops), Ranikova (10 stops) – Players field: Prudhomme (1/3) Kanto (1/1), freaking, Zaadi (3/8), bullous (1/2), Baldwin (3 / 8) Horacek Broch (4/4), Pidpalova, Ognjenovic (2/3) Gonzalez Ortega (2/4), Luciano (1/2) Kpodar Liscevic (4/6) Exclusions: Broch (52) Ognjenovic (53) Coach Sandor Rac

HC LEIPZIG: Goalkeepers: Herrmann, Plöger (11 stops) – Players field: Visser (0/2), Mazzucco (1/2), Augsburg (3/5), Müller A (3 / 4), Bont, Schulze, Kudlacz (7/13) Hubinger (3/6) Lang (0/1), Szwed Örneborg (1/3), Muller S (4/8), Urbicht (1/1 ) Exclusions: Müller A (19), Müller A (28th), Szwed Örneborg (29th), Hubinger (53)Coach: Wieland Schmidt

Krim Mercator (SLO) vs IK Sävehof (SWE) 36:28 (14:12) 


Today, Stožice greeted their first opponents of Krim Merkator, the Swedish team Savehof.

Both teams entered into the game fairly uneasy. The first goal of the match was scored in 4th minutes when Nina Worz struck from a distance. Soon it was 4:2 for the hosts. Krim  then shifted into a higher gear and went into the lead 8:6. Swedesh players accepted the tempo and till the end of the first half the viewers in Stožice watched equal  game, which ended with 14:12 lead for the hosts.

The second half opened with Swedish 4-0 series , and the result turned to their advantage (14:16). But Krim players caught the rhythm and with the score of Tamara Mavsar equalized to 18-18. But that was just the beginning in 43 minutes Slovenians led by four goals difference.The guests then tried to change the game in defense (from 6:0 to 3:3) to stop the momentum of the hosts. Tight defense and smart play in the attack made lead of 7 goals for Krim. The away team was not able to keep pace, and Krim Merkator calmly led the game until the end, and recorded their first victory in the Champions League.

Girls have long been working out, they were already impatient . Match in my point of view  was not at a high level , but otherwise we have enough actor staff , we have the width , which is also somehow contributed to our victory , even though we opened really bad in the second half. Win at the end was a bit high, but what is essential if you want to be the best, then return to the defense and the defense was at a fairly low level. Still have a lot to do, “ Krim coach said after the game  Tone Tiselj .

Krim: Stefanišin, Tolnai, Marinček Piedade 4 Mavsar 9 (6), Bulatović 3 Lazović 6 Tortensson 1 Irman 3 Penezić 6 Krpež, Zrnec, Manea 2 Wörz 2 Vizitiu.

Savehof: Haraldsdottir 1, Blohm, Sand 3, Fogelström 6, Oden 4, Roberts 5, Tegstedt 3, Wikensten, Dafe 2, Idehn, Karlsson, Alm 4, Sundberg, Grandberg.

Larvik – Podravka Vegeta 34:18 (17:7)


Former European champions Larvik made a perfect start with a convincing performance and win against Croatia’s title holders, with their big guns firing on all cylinders in the opening game.

There was never any doubt the Norwegians were strong favourites in this David versus Goliath clash but the extent to which Podravka were overawed must have surprised even the most die-hard Larvik fans.

Scoring almost at will in the first half, Larvik also showed steel at the back and engineered a whopping 14:3 lead in the 23rd minute, with right wing Linn-Kristin Koren Riegelhuth scoring six goals from as many shots in the acoustic Larvik Arena.

The early stages of the second half offered a better showing from Podravka as they held their own and cut the deficit to single digits (21:12) despite  Jelena Živković picking up a two-minute suspension.

With veteran 38-year-old goalkeeper Cecilie Leganger benched after the interval for some well-deserved rest after a series of fine saves in the first half, her understudy Alma Hasanić picked up the mantle and enabled Larvik to stay firmly in control.

The unstoppable Riegelhuth dispatched a delightful lob and then rifled in a rebound to take her tally to 10 goals from 11 attempts in the 52nd minute as Larvik moved up a gear and carved out a 29:16 advantage.

One would have thought that an ensuing time-out would helped Podravka regroup but it was Larvik who ran riot and scored three without reply, two of those goals coming from lethal fast breaks executed by Riegelhuth.

The irrepressible winger capped a memorable afternoon with a game-high 12 goals, with Gro Hammerseng-Edin and Nora Mörk adding four each.

Larvik: Hasanic, Leganger; A. Hammerseng – Edin 4, J. Kristiansen 3, Blanco 1, T. Kristiansen, Breivang, N. Mörk 4, G. Hammerseng – Edin 3, Koren Riegelhuth 12, Johansen, Sulland 3, Stange, Loke 2, T. Mörk 2, Lund.
Coach: Ole Gustav Gjekstad
Podravka Vegeta: Jukic, Kapitanovic, Milenkovic; Gavranic 4, Pongrac 1, Šenvald, Havic 1, Živkovic 2, Vukojevic, Nemaškalo, Milanovic Litre 5, Dragišic, Vidak 1, Trifunovic, 3, Poljak.
Coach: Goran Mrđen

Györi Audi ETO (HUN) vs Hypo Niederöstereich (AUT) 41:22 (21:11)


Hypo scored their first goal of the match,  Bulatovic equalized very quickly with her first shot in Champions League for Gyor. In the fifth minute she scored for the second goal for the Montenegrin player, while Kovacsics also scored, and Orban was successful. After ten minutes, the score was 7-2 lead for the green team. Then came another Austrian goal, which again was reason for three more responses (Bulatovic, Amorim, Löke)  (10-3).  Gyori back Amorim and Löke twice Görbicz then Bognar-Bodi were successful, a minute before half-time the score was 19-11. In the last minute Bognar- Bodi, scored again and Görbicz for 21-11 end of the first half.
The second half began as it ended the first  two goals for Győr. The advantage was building and it look like an exhibition game, not a Champions League match.The first half repeated and the Brazilian players in Győr led by Do Nacimento could not save their reputation in the end. The game finished 41-22 for the defending champion.

Győr Eto Audi: Loke 6, Bulatovic 5, Görbicz 5, Amorim 4, Kovacsics 4, Redei-Soos 4, Szepesi 4, Bognar-Bodi 3, Orban 3, Hornyak 2, Sirian 1

Hypo Niederöstereich: Do Nascimento 8, Cavaleiro Fachinello 4, Franca da Silva 4, Spiridon 3, Acimovic 1, Carvalho Carneiro Diniz 1, Rodrigues 1