Main Round, Women’s Champions League

1 February 2014, Györ, Hungary

Györi Audi ETO KC 23 : 23 Buducnost (9:13)

It was first time this season that Champions League title holder, Györ, found themselves outsmarted and in a situation were they had to save two points at their home court. Buducnost thanks to their first option between the post, the impeccable Clara Wоltering and her 26 saves and great performance of the powerful line player Cvijic, had minimal lead throughout the match

Amorim opened the game for the hosts. She was a leader of her team and the one that kept Györ in the game with a minimal lead. But as soon as the Montenegrin team adopted to the atmosphere in the arena, they took control over the match. Györ was just threatening but could not take the lead , Kovacsics equalized (7-7) and that was all they could done in the first half.  Unusually large number of technical errors and inexplicable nervousness characterized the game of the winner of the Champions League in the first thirty minutes which ended with 9-13 for Buducnost.

budgyorImportant event of the initial moments of the second half was a two-minute suspension for Buducnost, and a goal from Kovacsics. In the 35th minute Buducnost, scored their first goal, but moments later Bognar-Bodi , and minute later Bulatovic with her second goal did not let Buducnost go to a distance and the score was 12-14. Gyor had many chances to tie the score but Görbicz slammed the crossbar rebound, then Bulatovic scored another goal, with 40 minutes from the end, Buducnost had only one goal lead (14-15). Once again the strong will and determination of the Montenegrin team took them to safe three goals difference, mainly because of Cvijic (14-17). The champion did not let go and with a goal from Kovacsics restored the one goal deficit (17-18). Then came Bognar-Bodi, and again Bulatovic, and in 48th minute Gyori AUDI ETO KC was in the lead again with 19-18! Two minutes later, however, the guest were with the advantage again (20-22), which Gorbitsz and Amorim neutralized. Nearly two minutes from the end, Podgorica, again took the lead. After a timeout from Gyori bench,  Amorim equalized , to 23 – 23 as the derby ended in a draw.