CO Zagreb-Tatran Prešov 42-34

In the first match of the 7th round in the Seha GSS league were playing the last year champion Zagreb against this season leader Tatran Presov. It was an interesting match, especially the first half when the result was 20-19, and in the second half Zagreb played much better, and managed to win with 8th goals diference 42-34. In the winning team great performance had the goalkeeper Stevanović with 16 saves,the right wing Horvat with 7 goals, and the backs Stepancić and Mandalinić that scored 6 goals. In the team of Tatran the gigantic right back Kristopans had his own goal-show scoring 9 goals but that was not enough his team to make a good result.

The match started with an equalised game, but with the goal of Kristopans the hosts had the first big lead of 3 goals (7-10) in the 12th minute. Zagreb got back in the game, and with the goals of Sprem(2), Mandalinić and Horvat made a 4-0 run and in the 17th minute had a lead of 11-10. The host continued with the good game, and with the goal of Josip Valcić had their first lead of 3 goals in the 22nd minute. But Tatran did not give up and with the goal of Pejović managed to make a 19-19 tie in the 29th minute.
But in the last seconds of the first half Kaleb scored a goal and brought a lead of one goal for his team at the end of the first half 20-19.
In the second half Zagreb started to play much better and after the inicial 2 minutes suspension of Guzy,with the goal of Kaleb,managed to make a lead of 4 goals 23-19 in the 35th minute.Kristopans with his goals tried to keep his team in the game.Zagreb continued to play very well in attack,and with the goal of the amazing Stepancić managed to make a difference of 29-23 in the 42nd minute.In that period of the game the only thing made by the visitors was reducing the difference in 4 goals.With the goal of Matić Zagreb had the biggest lead of 8 goals 40-32 in the 56th minute. Matulić with a goal from 7 meters in the last minute confirmed the win of 42-34 for his team.
In the next round Zagreb will play against Vojvodina in Novi Sad and Tatran will play in Skopje against Metalurg.

Dvoršek (Zagreb’s coach):
“This is probably our best match in SEHA. We have really played well and nice. We haven’t had much time from Russia but players did fantastic. I can’t say much more but I would be happy if we would play this way against Veszprem in CL”.

Marko Matić (Zagreb`s player):
“The whole team was on higher level, on a level we were on in the second half against St.Petersburg. Team is confident and we really believe that we can play against Veszprem, especially if we will play fast as we did today”.

Peter Hatalcik(Tatran`s coach):
”We played bad in defence especially to Zagreb’s backs. The first half was good but when they went on +5 in the second half we weren’t able to catch them anymore.”

Pejovič(Tatran`s player):
”They were more concentrated and better today. They have much more good players than us and it made the difference. We had much respect for them and we knew it will be hard.”