7368d0eb178a4f94569dba921964fce6GWD Minden comes into this season with high hopes but something does not add up. They lost the local derby against TuS N-Luebbecke with 28:29. As if the defeat was not already bitter enough, Moritz Schäpsmeier might also be out of the court with an Achilles tendon injury for several months.
From the first second the game between GWD Minden and TuS N-Luebbecke had everything to offer, what a derby special: pace fight, but also individual moves. After 1-0 from seven-meter line the hosts ensured a lost counterattack chance of Alyosha Schmidt, a scoring opportunity by Dalibor Doder and were early outnumbered with the two minute suspension of Nils Torbrügge for long faces among the GWD fans. But the team of Goran Perkovac could not be deterred and after 12 minutes came to 5:5 tie. The injury-related loss of Moritz Schäpsmeier and discarded seven meters of Alyosha Schmidt in the 20th Minute were the next negative points of this game for Minden. The home team inspite of not very secure play got into a  three goals lead, 11:8. With his six goals, Soren Südmeier was responsible for almost half of Minden goals before the break, which ended wit 13:15 for the guests.
Alyosha Steinert and Christoph Schmidt scored after the break and within four minutes they tie the score 15:15. The 17:16 by Anders Oechseler then meant the first lead for the home side for almost twenty minutes, and put a lot of energy in Minden players. The Green-Whites survived a penalty without prejudice and goalkeeper Jens Vortman finally found the game after both he and Anders Persson had very little luck before the break. Emotions worn Minden players  increased in the following minutes to 20:16. But the guests closed the gap at 20:18. But then surprisingly Nenad Bilbija,  scored four goals in a row and his team again could took some air. But Luebbecke did not fold, they pick up the pace and came to only one goal lead 25:24 eight minutes before the final whistle. But luck was not on GWD team side: Alyosha Schmidt attempt from seven meters line bounced off the post when the score was 28-28, and Nils Torbrügge once again made penalty for two minutes suspension. With the last goal by Tim Remer GWD Minden lost and the guests could celebrate the victory 28-29.


Goran Perkovac: “The TuS was not the better team in the end and had maybe a little more luck. In the final phase, we get two penalties that were really unnecessary and deprived of the fruits with it. We missed today the goals of the right side. Actually, we deserved to win, but it is our own fault. ”

Dirk Beuchler: “It was in the second half a very, very tight game with many emotions. In the first half we played a good handball, both front and rear. Then we made ​​too many mistakes in attack. I then changed the defense and in the end we had a very high efficiency. “

GWD: Persson (1/1 save), Vortmann (9/1 saves); Schäpsmeier, Mrvaljevic (1/1), Steinert (1), Kunkel (n.e.), Südmeier (6), Tesch, Torbrügge, Oechsler (3), Schmidt (6/5), Svitlica (4/1), Doder, Bilbija (7)

TuS: Blazicko (8/1 saves), Semisch (2 saves); Gustafsson (2), Løke (3), Vukovic (4), Wilke (1/1), Langhans (1), Tauabo (1), Pajovic (8), Gartmann (n.e.), Niewrzawa, Schubert (1/1), Schöngarth (3), Remer (5/1)


Bergischen with great draw against Frisch Auf! Göppingen


The opening minutes of the match clearly belonged to the two goalkeepers – Björgvin Pall Gustavsson and Primoz Prost which had some great saves  and in 6 Minutes the only goal that was scored was from the seven-meters line for the guests. The Icelandic national team goalkeeper in the service of the Bergischer already saved five goals that brought  BHC in the lead. But the two defensive rows did a good job, so the game during the first half always brought a close result on the scoreboard and finished 14-13 for the hosts.
After 15 minutes BHC head coach Sebastian Hinze made some changes in the attacking line and got the two goals lead 6:4. “There simply has lacked the killer instinct to me, we were not brave enough,” he said at the press conference after the game. However, for the neutral spectators, this was very interesting and uncertain match with very tight score and tie at 6:6 (16′) and later a 10:10 (24′) and 13:13 (29′).
Immediately after the start of the second half with a three-goal series the guests made crucial lead of 16:14 (35′) . But BHC consolidated and wit the goal of Marc Schiller got in the lead with 19:18 (39′).“It was a very good game for us at par with an established team in the league. The point that we take is special, because our plan we have put ourselves in preparation for the game rightly, most of the time goes on and we use the gifting to the point win, “said veteran Michael Hegemann showed  visibly exhausted satisfied with the recent draw.


Sebastian Hinze: “I am looking forward to a well deserved point won, we have worked hard. I have my team make it a huge compliment, because today we have held over 60 minutes despite missing throws and some bad decisions in our plan and never lost the line. In the first half according to me a little bit of killer instinct was missing, we were not brave enough – it speaks to the character of the team that you could find a lot of dissatisfaction within the team during the break.Then we play up to 55 Minutes a sensational second half, even though we gave away in between the boss again too quickly. Today I wished for a crime that we then take a point is outstanding “

Velimir Petkovic:.” It was a deserved point gain for the BHC, which is definitely not a typical climber.Accordingly, we expect a very tough game, we were warned in advance. We play a good phased handball, but in the end are the points not there because we lack self-confidence. Today we start well, but are not able to bring us into a run – but we showed character and fought on, turn the end of the game. But then the crucial player who takes responsibility, throws and scored the decisive goal missing. The current situation is difficult for us and the club, but we have to. “

Joerg Föste:” We are absolutely happy because we have repeatedly told us that we would be guided by developments and not results. The development is great because it also provides the results and you can tell that the Bergische HC is already an asset to the league. “

Frisch Auf! Göppingen: Cheers, Marinovic – Kraus (9), Kneule (7), Oprea, Beautiful, Spaeth (1) Beljanski, Lobedank (2), Pevnov (1) Fontaine, Thiede (1), Rnic (3), Schiller (5/3). Coach: Velimir Petkovic.

BHC: Gustavsson, Chicken Stock – hope (4), Hegemann (1), Berggren (5), Gutbrod, Szilagyi (6), Oelze (6/5) White (1), Sabljic (1), Meschke, Nippes (3 ), Miljak, Woss (2). Coach Sebastian Hinze.

BUNDESLIGA, round 9, results:

MT Melsungen30:32VfL Gummersbach
SG Flensburg-Handewitt33:26TV Emsdetten
SC Magdeburg34:31THW Kiel
ThSV Eisenach32:39HSV Handball
Rhein-Neckar Löwen35:27TBV Lemgo
TSV GWD Minden28:29TuS N-Luebbecke
HBW Balingen-Weilstetten18:31HSG Wetzlar
FRESH UP!  Göppingen29:29Bergischer HC
TSV Hannover-Burgdorf33:35Foxes Berlin