In the match of the week in French championship, Montpellier suffered unfortunate defeated, with a goal in the last seconds of the match against Dunkerque. The hosts were trailing behind Dunkerque with three points just before this match, but now their chances of being No.1 in France are only theoretical. 25-26 was just enough for the guests to shock Montpellier and take important points on their journey to the top. Only PSG handball still have minimal chances of defending the title, but they still have to play against Montpelier and they are already three points behind (five points and match less).

Last minute of the game with Dunkerque fans…

It all started equally, in the first half and no team stood up. Dunkerque had the initiative but Montpelier with a great finish of the first half, went on the break with four goals difference 17-13.
The second half was the same story as the first, it was very difficult to score a goal and both teams could not make any significant series, Montpellier was in comfortable lead and Dunkerque did not let this match to be over early, keeping up with the hosts at the same goal difference.
The guests waited 45 minutes to start playing their game, a series of mistakes in host’s attack and great finish of Dunkerque’s attack resulted in first tie in the second half, in 51 minute. A mind game begun, “goal for goal” minutes, were just a sign for the ending. In the last attack and a score tied to 25-25, Montpellier made a huge mistake in attack throwing the ball  out of the court, while a marker was in play. A quick out trow in the direction of the goal with only 4 seconds to go was intercepted by Montpelier players, but the referees decided it was intercepted within the 6 meter line and the  final penalty attempt decided the match. Top scorers for Montpellier were Gajic with 7 and Guigou with 6. In the winning team Butto scored 9 times and Vincent Gerard saved 17 attempts.