Group B

Dunkerque 30:25 Kielce (12:15)

In Group B the last on the table Dunkerque was host of the Polish champion Kielce. The Polish team arrived in France to get new two points, but the hosts had different plans.

Kielce started the match successfuly and in the 12th minute had a lead of 2:6. But the host responded and managed to turn the result and to have a lead,first with 10:9( Benjamin), than 11:10 (Kornel) and 12:11 in the 26th minute. At the end of the first half Kielce got back in the recognizable rhythm, and with 4 goals in a row( Strlek 2 goals,Cupic and Lijewski 1) finished the half with 12:15.

данкрк-киелце 1

In the second half the Polish team had a controll over the result until the 36th minute when with the goal of Aguinagalde had a lead of 15:19. But the best from the French team was yet to come. From -4 in the 36th minute, with an amazing series of 8-2 they managed to turn the result in +3 24:21 in the 48th minute. It was a huge “knock down” for the Polish champion by whom could not get back in game . Until the end of the match Dunkerque managed to increase the result in the highest 30:23. The final score was 30:25.

Arena: Stade des Flandres
Spectators: 2300


Nagy 7, Mokrani 6, Butto 5, Giullard 3, Joli 3, Hansen 2, Soudry 2, Afgour 1, Touati 1, Annotel,Gerard, Hourau, Lamon,Nieto, Scattolari, Siakam Kadji

KS Vive Targi Kielce

Strlek 4, Cupic 3, Lijewski 3,Musa 3,Zorman 3, Aguinagalde Akizu 2, Jurecki 2, Olafson 2, Tkaczyk 2, Buntic 1, Bielecki, Charpkowski,Grabarczyk,Jachlewski,Losert,Szmal

Arnar Sigurjónsson (ISL) and Svavar Petursson (ISL)
Francois Mulleners (BEL)

Group A

MKB Veszprem MVM 29:20 St.Petersburg (13:7)

Easy win for the Hungarian champion against the last on the table St.Petersburg, with whom secured the first place in the group A. The hosts had the lead in the entire match, and easily got the two points.

Веспрем-Сан петерзбург

Antonio Carlos Ortega(Veszprem coach)

We played great difence, but we were bad in some situations in the attack,and i am not sattisfied. We will move forward. I hope that the players will riturn from the Europian championship without any injuries. We will continue to work,to accomplish our purpose the qualification in the final four.

Schuch Timuzsin(Veszprem player)

There is a need of a hardwork to reach your goals. Today we have made a lot of mistakes but they could not harm our game and the victory.

Dimitri Torgovanov(St.Petersburg coach)

Not many teams won in this arena. We are not part of them. It was a great experience to play against this team. Against Veszprem we made a lot of mistakes, we should have play better. Congratulation for the victory and i wish them to win the Champions league.

Gleb Kalaras: (St.Petersburg player)

It was a taugh game against Veszprem. We have tried everything,but unsuccesfully.

Arena: Veszprém Aréna
Spectators: 5019

MKB-MVM Veszprém

Ivancsik 6,Jamali 5, Sulic 4, Gulyas 3, Ilic 3, Ivancsik 3, Ruesga Pasarin 2, pesic 1, Terzic 1, Ugalde Garcia 1,Alilovic, Fazekas,Ligetvari, Nagy, Rodriguez Vaquero, Schuch.

St. Petersburg HC

Kalarash 4, Nasyrov 4, Kiselev 3, Semenov 3, Blagonadezhdin 2, Kovalenko 1, Novoselov 1, Polvakov 1, Pyshkin 1, Chezlov,Junisebkov, Kishou,Kungurov,Kuzmin,Sanashkin and Shitscol

Jiri Opava (CZE) and Pavel Valek (CZE)
Marjan Nachevski (MKD)