National team of Norway



Norway started the qualification with two easy wins against Turkey and Lithuania. But France burst their bubble with two wins in their duel. Lithuania and Turkey were two levels below Norway so they easily qualify as runner up in Group 3 and from Pot 4 they were assigned to Aalborg together with Spain, Hungary, and Iceland in Group B.

Key Player(s):

myrholBjarte Håkon Myrhol (born 29 May 1982 in Oslo) is a Norwegian handball player who currently plays for Rhein-Neckar Löwen, a team based in Mannheim, Germany as a line player.

Before joining Nordhorn, he played for Veszprém and the Norwegian clubs Sandefjord and Vestli.

In February 2009, he joined Rhein-Neckar Löwen because of financial problems in Nordhorn, and become one of the best individual there. He is a part of Norwegian team.


Compact team with lot of experienced players. Their play is based on the outer line, with strong defense.


They do not have a leader in their team and their back line is based on veterans. The back line is average and they will fight hard for a spot in the next stage.