Group 1

Lithuania 31:38 Denmark

The Danish team continues with the offensive game in these qualifications. After the 42 scored goals in the first round against Austria, the team of Jan Pytlick scored 38 in the match against Lithuania. After 2 rounds the Danish team has the maximum of 4 points, and assume the role of a favourite in the Group 1.

After 11 minutes Denmark with the goal of Burgaard had a lead 4-11.The visitors continued to play in the same rhythm and throughout counterattacks managed to score easily and already had a double lead of 21-11 before the break.
In the second half Pylick started a huge rotation in his team but that was not a reason for his team to continue in the same rhythm. Lithuania managed to reduce the lead of Denmark but without a chance to turn the match around.

Austria 34:28 Ukraine

Аустрија-Укр Тhe team of Austria had a successful return after the huge defeat of Denmark 27:42 in the first round, and got back in game for the EHF EURO 2014 Qualification. The first half was entirely equal until the score stood at 12:12, then the hosts scored an impressive 6:0 series until the break, while Ukraine missed a series of chances. The halftime ended 18:12.
In the second half the team of Austria maintained the lead of 6-7 goals and reached the win easily, which might be decisive for the top ranking in the group. Top scorer in the Austrian team was Beate Scheffknecht with 13 goals.

Group 2

Slovakia 19:18 Iceland

In a game where the defense was dominating for the both teams,Slovakia on the home court beat Iceland with 19:18.The 2 goals of the wing Lydia Jakubisova were crucial for the win in the last moments of the match. The first half was entirely equal and saw the lead changing constantly between the two squads. Neither team had a lead bigger than 2 goals difference, and the first half ended 9:9.
The second half was played in the same rhythm. The lead was changing constantly but in the last 2 seconds Jakubisova with 2 goals brought the win for the hosts.

Nordhausen, 28.10.2012Sport, Handball, Champions League, Frauen, Saison 2012/13, Thüringer HC (THC) vs Buducnost Podgorica (MNE)(vl) Lydia Jakubisova (THC)

After the 2 round both of the teams have 2 points. In the first round Iceland beat Finland, and Slovakia was defeated by France.

Group 3

Poland 19:22 Czech Republic

Very important win for the Czech team in Poland in the battle for EHF Euro 2104. These two points might be decisive for place in the championship. It is expected that Poland and Czech Republic will fight for the second place in group 3 where is the current European champion Montenegro, and that`s why after this victory Czech Republic has bigger chances for the EHF Euro 2014.

Poland was better at the beginning of the match and after 11 minutes game had a lead of 6:2. But Czech got back in game and the half ended 9:9. Czech Republic had the first lead of 3 goals difference 10:13 with the 2 goals of Iveta Luzumova(scored 9 goals). Poland started the half desperately and scored only 2 goals in 11 minutes,and Czech Republic increased the result in 16:11. That was a wake up call for Poland that took the lead again with 6-o run 16:11 in the 52nd minute. But the players of Czech Republic did not wanted to loose the match and with a marvelous series of 5-0 took the lead with 18:22. The final result was 19:22. Top scorer in Poland was Monika Stachowska with five goals.

Kim Rasmussen(Coach of Poland):

I’m disappointed with the performance of my girls and so are they, but we win as a team as well as we lose as a team.”We’ve had our chance, but we have made too many mistakes. Czech Republic improved in the past two years. The situation in our group has become complicated for us.”

Jas Basny(Coach of Czech Republic):

“It was a great and very tough match that had a happy end for us.” I am proud of my team because they have improved their game and didn’t give up. We knew that we weren’t favourites but we did it.”

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Portugal 24:29 Montenegro

Montenegro had the second win from these qualifications beating the host in Portugal with 24:29. After the initial lead for the hosts of 2:1, Montenegro had a lead in the entire half and the first part ended with a lead of 9:11.

Jovanka Radicevic de Montenegro

The second half started with a series of 3-0 for Portugal and after that they took the lead with 12:11. After this the players of Dragan Adzic started to play in their usual rhythm and first had a lead of 15:20 and after that 17:22. Portugal did not give up,managed to reduce the result in 21:23 and still hoped for a sensation. But with 2 goals in a row Jelena Despotovic increased the result in 25:21 and managed to secure the 2 win for Montenegro in these qualifications. Top scorers in Montenegro were Radicevic and Petrovic with 7 goals each. In Portugal Vera Andrade Lopez that scored 8 goals.

Group 4

Turkey 17:32 Netherlands

Netherlands with second easy victory against Tyrkey in the Group 4. The match was resolved in the first 15 minutes when the team of Netherland had a lead of 2:9. The difference was increasing constantly and before the half it was 9 goals advantage for Netherlands. In the 40th minute they had a convincing lead of 12:22. Turkey tried to reduce the difference but without success. The final score was 17:32.


Group 5

Slovenia 31:26 Serbia

Slovenia beat Serbia on their home court,and that 1s why the victory of Sweden against Slovenia in the first round looks more precious and important.

The beginning of the match was equal 7:7, but the team of Slovenia with a better play in the continuation managed to lead with 4 goals in the first half (16:12).
In the second half Serbia continued with the bad game, made a lot mistakes that were wisely used by the team of Slovenia. The team of Serbia scored only 3 times in 17 minutes game in the second half. After that Slovenia increased the lead in 22:15,and the winner of the match was already known. Despite that Serbia tried to reach the rival,but Slovenia did not allow them to get any closer than four goals in the final stages of the match. Top scorer in Slovenia was Tamara Mavsar with 6 goals and in Serbia Katarina Krpez with five.


Switzerland 22:30 Sweden

Sweden made a huge step forward for the EHF Euro 2014 Qualification. After the win against Slovenia in the first round the team of Torbjörn Klingvall did not have problems against the energetic Switzerland.

The hosts played hard in the first half(although the Swedish team was constantly in a lead),and were putting a pressure on Sweden. Despite the 2 goals negative 11:13 at the halftime,Switzerland kept up with their opponents until 15:18, then they lacked power, experience and skills to threaten the second Swedish victory in the EHF EURO 2014 Qualification. The winner was already known in the 49th minute when Sweden had a lead of 7 goals diference(17:24). The final result was 22:30 for Sweden. Best scorers were Lisa Frey and Katrin Weigelt (Switzerland) and Hanna Fogelström and Isabell Gullden (Sweden) who all scored six goals each.

Handball EM-Qualifikation Frauen - Schweiz - Schweden

Group 6

Norway 30:18 Romania

After the away victory of 23:25 against Romania in the first round the reigning world and Olympic champions taught their opponents a lesson in international handball in the re-match. With the amazing counterattacks and the hard defence the team of Norway from the beginning showed who will be the winner of this match.

Until the 20th minute when the score stood at 9:8, the run-down was the similar to the first leg, but then Norway shut their shop and allowed Romania only one single goal in the last ten minutes of the first half, forging ahead to a five-goal gap at the break(14:9).

The second half started with two quick goals of Norway and the result was 16:9. With the strike of Mörk Norway had a lead of 26:16 in the 49th minute,that in the last minutes increased in the final 30:18. Best scorers were Heidi Loke (Norway) and Luciana Andreea Marin (Romania) with six goals each.

хајди 1

After two defeats against Norway, Romania now need to win the direct encounter against Belarus in June 2014 to book their ticket to the EHF EURO 2014, while Norway are almost already qualified.

Group 7

Russia 29:28 Germany

Russia managed to repay Germany after the defeat of 32:27 in the first round.
The team of Germany had a lead only two times in the match 2:3 and 9:10.The game was equalised, but after the lead of 23:21 the Russian team scored 4 goals in a row and had a lead of 27:21, and were very close to win. However, in the dying minutes of the matches when they led 28:23, Russia suddenly lacked concentration and Germany scored a 5:1 series – which in the end was not enough to take away at least one point. The best Russian scorer was Ksenia Makeeva with five goals,and in the team of Germany Susann Müller scored 9 goals.


Both teams will face Macedonia in March and June – and with two points each on their respective accounts, they are likely to book the ticket to Hungary and Croatia.

The advantage for Germany: If both Russia and Germany are equal in points at the end, the team of coach Heine Jensen has won the direct encounter thanks to the better goal difference.