FC Barcelona 30:23 HC Vardar (14:11)

Barcelona in Palau Blaugrana played against Vardar, the only team that managed to be undefeated by Barcelona so far this season. In Skopje the match ended 29:29. This was a reason for the players of Barcelona to enter motivated in this match.

Barcelona started this match in the recognizable style and in the 13th minute had a lead of 4 goals difference (6:2) and (7:3). But Vardar did not think to give up and after 4 goals in a row ( two for Karacic,Brumen and Dibirov), and the amazing saves of Strahinja Milic managed to tie the result 7:7 in the 18th minute. They played goal by goal until the result was 11:11, when Barcelona with 3 goals in a row( Tomas,Rutenka and Sarmiento) finished the first half with 14:11.

Vardar had an amazing start of the second half when with one player less managed to strike twice, and in the 36th minute with the goal of Dibirov to have the first lead in this match 15:16. In the 40th minute the result was 18:18 and after that two players of Vardar, Petric and Dibirov got a two minute suspension. In that period Barcelona managed to take advantage of the situation and with an amazing series of 7-0 had a huge lead of 25:18 in the 49th minute.

After this the winner of the match was already known. The final result was 30:23.
In the winning team top scorers were Lazarov (7 goals) and Karabatic (5 goals).In the team of Vardar Brumen scored (6 goals), Dibirov and Dujshebaev (5 goals) each. It has to be mentioned the brilliant game of the Vardar`s goalkeeper Strahinja Milic that had 19 saves.
With this win Barcelona secured the qulification in the next round,and Vardar is looking their chance in the next games,especially against Wacker Thun and HC Dinamo Minsk on home court.

Arena: Palau Blaugrana
Spectators: 1929

FC Barcelona

Lazarov 7, Karabatic 5,Sarmiento Melian 4, Tomas Gonzalez 4, Nöddesbo 2, Rutenka 2, Arino Bengoechea1, Entrerrios Rodriguez 1, Garcia Lorenzana 1, Gurbindo Martinez 1, Sorhaindo 1, Stranovsky 1, Morros de Argila, Saric, Saubich Mir, Sterbik Capar

HC Vardar

Brumen 6, Dibirov 5, Dujshebaev 5, Abutovic 2, Chipurin 2, Karacic 1, Petric 1, Toskic 1, Angelov, Malumbres Aldave, Milic, Nedanovski,Pribak, Rakovic, S.Stoilov, M.Stoilov

Jonas Eliasson (ISL) and Anton Palsson (ISL)
EHF Delegate Sandor Andorka (HUN)