A huge 1 point for Toulouse and very disappointing  point for French champion. Paris Saint-Germain Handball brought home one point from its trip to Toulouse. On the first day of Division 1, the two teams parted with a draw, 29-29.

For the opening of the championship, the large numbers of spectators which gathered at Toulouse Sports Hall were not disappointed – with an amazing show offered by the two teams and almost unbearable suspense.

On court, the Parisians found a familiar face as soon as the whistle was blown – that of Clément Chantôme. The mid-fielder, on loan to TFC for the season, had come to encourage the Parisian team.

Encouragement which proved to be effective, as Paris was leading 5-2 after 5 minutes. Toulouse, however, did not let Paris stay ahead for long. Before a home crowd, Fenix, led by an unstoppable Jérome Fernandez, with 8 goals in only half an hour, was right behind Paris.

To slow Fenix down, Paris relied on Jose Manuel Sierra, who made 4 saves, and Patrice Annonay, who stopped a penalty. With regard to attack, Fahrudin Melic was superb at the 7 m penalty throw and he even succeeded in doing a “Chabala” in the 22nd minute.

However, in a keenly contested match in which 8 penalties were awarded in the first period, and which saw Paris Saint-Germain Handball reduced to 6 players on 4 occasions, Paris struggled to get ahead of Toulouse. So much so, that at the pause the two teams were tying 16-16.

In the second period, as in the warm-up game, Patrice Annonay replaced his Spanish teammate. This proved to be a judicious decision, as he added 2 stops to his statistics in less than 2 minutes.

On the Toulouse team, Wesley Pardin also made some important stops – like Melic’s shot on the 39th minute, when he was completely forgotten by the Toulouse defense.

Paris suffered a huge blow on the 40th minute of play. Igor Vori, who had already received several warnings from the 2 referees, was sent off for good following a red card for protesting. The Fenix quickly took advantage of the situation to move 3 goals ahead (23-20).

Paris took a fair time to recover presence of mind and the path to the goal. But during this time, Toulouse didn’t score either. This was surely down to Patrice Annonay, who couldn’t be passed, and who made many stops – like his counterpart, Wesley Pardin, in the Fenix goal mouth.

It was on the wings that Paris finally found solutions. Melic (5/7) and Honrubia (7/8) brought Paris to 1 goal from Toulouse only 5 minutes from the end. A spectacular run by the Montenegrin winger enabled Paris to close the gap on the 30th minute: 29-29. Despite a penalty by Jérome Fernandez, which was stopped by Patrice Annonay, and a last chance for the Parisians, the score stayed the same until the end.

Paris Saint-Germain Handball thus begins the season 2013-2014 with a draw. At Pierre de Coubertin Stadium, with the fans and the match against Chambéry, we will perhaps smile more in Paris. The next match will take place on Wednesday 18 September at 8.45pm – where we might see the first Parisian victory.


Toulouse Fenix Handball: Fernandez (9 goals), Ilic (7), Porte (4), Van Cauwenberghe (4), Montoro (3), Chelle (2), Andjelkovic (1). Pardin (7 stops), Perez De Vargas (5).

Paris Saint-Germain Handball : Honrubia (7 goals), Melic (5), Kopljar (4), Hansen (4), Abalo (3), Csaszar (2), Vori (2), Narcisse (1). 
Annonay (8 stops), Sierra (4).

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