vardametalurgVardar Skopje and Metalurg will have their first seasonal match at the premiere of  Seha league. Tonight  at 20:15, Boris Trajkovski arena will be the host of this spectacle.

Vardar Skopje will try to defend the national championship title as well  as progress in the main round in the champions league. We know they do not lack ambition since they have a  new sponsor and eight new players .But will the new coach Zoran Kastratovic repeat what Vardar’s legend Veselin Vujovic did last year, we will see. It is not the crucial duel but it would be a great uvertire for the upcoming season. World class players Dibirov , Rastvorcev, Ciapurin, Brumen together with Petric, Stoilov, Karacic, Pribak, and very talented Alex Dujshebaev will try to give joy to their fanatic supporters tonight.

Metalurg qualified in the champions league with wild card duel against Hungarian Pik Seged, they played two quality matches and are in competitive rhythm. Strong side of Metalurg team is the experience of  their head coach Lino Cervar, world class goalkeeper Darko Stanic, middle back Pavel Atman and their relatively same roster since last year.

Even though it is just the first match of the season and many cards would be hidden, it is always a pleasure watching their matches.

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