For the first time town of Osijek hosted SEHA league. In the second round NEXE hosted Slovakian Tatran in Gradski vrt hall. Croatia vice champion celebrate for the fist time in a new hall and town. Nexe defeated Tatran 34:32 (16:15). It was little surprise because Slovakian team is better and with more experience. It was very equally first period, with lots of changes and both coaches rotated much. The key period was begining of the second half. In 41. minute it was “plus seven” for NEXE (26:19). But in 52. minutes T. Urban scored goal for only “plus two” for Croatian team (30:28). The same difference was in 58. minute but Tatran were note concetrate in the final of the match. Tatran had best scorer. Tomaš Urban scored 11goals, Igor Vujić i Marin Vegar, from the back positions, scored 8 for NEXE.

After the match Tatran’s head coach Peter Hatalčik said:

Congratulate to NEXE team. It was interesting match. From the begining we didn’t play well in defffence. Our goalkeepers were not at the higher level.

Tatran’s player Žarko Pejovič said:

We knew that NEXE is very serious team. They were more agressive so they won.

Zdenko Kordi was clearly satisfied with performance:

Tatran is TOP teeam. They have more experiences than us. I congratulate to my players. They have brought a lot of effort.

Igor Vujić after match said.

We unterstand our coach. It was beatufiul opening. Also, I would like to thank to audience. This is a great motivation for us.