KS Vive Targi Kielce(POL) 34:29 THW Kiel(GER)

In the most interesting match of Saturdays program, THW Kiel in the fourth group match of VELUX EHF Champions League, conceded their first defeat. Early Saturday evening, the “zebras” were just not good enough for the Polish Champion KS Vive Kielce who won with 29:34 (11:17) at their home court. Till 8:8 (20′), weakened Kiel held up with the hosts in a packed arena “Hala Legionow”, but with six goals in a row Kielce was on the road to victory. THW struggled in the second round again, the closest to Kielce they came on three goals approach,  but did not managed to threatened the hosts.
Goalscorer of the match was Kielce’s back shooter Michal Jurecki, who scored eight goals. At THW was Filip Jicha 7/1.
Attendance: 4200 (sold out) (Hala Legionow, Kielce (POL))
KS Vive Kielce (POL):
Szmal, Losert (1′-60′, 11/1 saves); Gragarczyk, Jurecki (8), Tkaczyk, Olafsson, Chrapkowski, Aguinagalde (4), Bielecki, Jachlewski, Strlek (5), Lijewski (4), Buntic, Musa (2), Rosinski (4), Cupic (7/3); Coach: Bogdan Wenta
THW Kiel (GER):
Sjöstrand (1′-60′, 13 saves), Palicka (two seven meters, 0 saves); Toft Hansen (5), Sigurdsson (4), Sprenger (1), Ekberg (5/3), Lauge (1), Zeitz (2), Jallouz, Klein, Jicha (7/1), Vujin (4); Coach:Gislason
Referees: Matija Gubica / Boris Milosevic (CRO)

Wacher Thun (SUI) 24:37 HC Vardar Skopje (MKD)

Handball players of Vardar justified the role of favorites in the match against Wacker Thun, and with fantastic play they brought their first victory in VELUX EHF Champions League with final score 24-37. Macedonian champion undoubtedly played their best game this season, and attack and defense functioned flawlessly. The guests played as much as the opponent let them, but Wacker was not on same level as Vardar tonight.


The hosts wanted more from this match, they showed they can play with the first half in Barcelona and the second half against Metalurg. Thun before the start had hoped to surprise, but it soon became clear that it would not happen. Vardar perfectly played defense in the first twenty minutes, and received only five goals so they expressly created a comfortable advantage of seven goals difference. Swiss only one time approached to five goals, but Vardar swiftly responded and did not allow the triumph to be questionable. Guests domination continued in the second half also, when the Macedonian champion several times reached +9 and finally reach double-digit positive. Comfortable advantage allowed Vardar to rest their main players in the finish, and those who played the last fifteen minutes held the advantage (that eventually accounted for 13 goals (24-37)).
Karacic and Dujshebaev scored six goals for Vardar , while Dibirov and Brumen enrolled five times in the scoreboard, Borna Franic scored 6 goals for the hosts. This was the first win of Vardar in Group C, after two draws (Barcelona, PSG) and one defeat (Minsk) in the first three rounds.

Wacker manager Martin Rubin:

I congratulate Vardar-well deserved victory. We took on a lot, and although we knew that it will not be easy, we hoped it would be a bit easier. With our performance, I am not satisfied. In the coverage we were too soft and harmless, in the attack we made ​​too many mistakes. We were overwhelmed with the aggressive defense and have surely conceded 10 to 15 simple counter-attack goals – that is of course fatal.

Reto Friedli (Wacker No.13):

I cannot add to the words of Martin too much. Against such a top team it is deadly to afford so many simple mistakes. With us in the defense from the agreements we had nothing worked out – then it becomes difficult for the goalkeeper.

Vardar coach Andon Boshkovski:

I congratulate my players and I thank Wacker for fair play. We are very happy that we could win this so simple – that was very important for us.

Stojanche Stoilov (Vardar No.5):

We came here to win – otherwise our draw against Paris would have been worthless. We would not have thought that it would be so easy. The goalkeeper and counter-attacks have made ​​the difference.


Wacker Thun : Merz (8 saves), Dähler (3), Isailovic (2), Franic (6/5), Lanz (2), Friedli (4), von Deschwanden (3), Bhend, Chalkidis (1), Rathgeb, Huwyler, Hüsser (2), Studer (1).

RK Vardar : Angelov (10 saves), Milic (4 saves), Dushebaev 7, Brumen 5, Dibirov 5, Karacic 5, Lazarov 4/1, Rakovic 5, Chipurin 2, Rastvorcev 2, Stoilov 2, Markovic 1, Toskic 1 Abutovic, Pribak , Stoilov.

Referees: Duarte Santos and Ricardo Fonseca (Portugal)

Naturhouse La Rioja 32:32 SG Flensburg-Handewitt

What a brave game from the Spaniards! Naturhouse La Rioja got a draw against SG Flensburg-Handewitt in Lograno from their fourth match in VELUX EHF Champions League. In a dramatic finish, the guests rescued a 32:32 (19:13) against the second team in Spanish ASOBAL league, Nature House La Rioja. This places Flensburg behind HSV Hamburg in Group D at second place with 7 points and Naturhouse La Rioja still has chances to advance in the Final 16.


It was certainly not just the fact that it was a bit warmer in Spain than in Germany, but Flensburg reached operating temperature very quickly. The Cubans Capote’s first goal of the day opened the score, from that moment only dominated Flensburg. Drasko Nenadic and Steffen Weinhold took their back line positions Gottfridsson Jim moved to the center. After about ten minutes, the Spanish bench requested their first team time-out, since it was already 3:7.
After the short break, the guests were controlling the action. The Spaniards finally consolidated offensively, trying to neutralize the second series of guests. This was only for a brief period, as the troops of Vranjes underwent a few more mistakes. La Rioja used it and with the goal of Angel Romero they were only lagging by two goals, 9:11. Flensburg’s coach Vranjes took a time out to try and stop the series of the home team.
One of the best goalkeepers in the world, Mattias Andersson stood on Flensburg’s side, and with fast breaks Bogdan Radivojevic countered to 9:13. It was time for Holger Glandorf to get into the game. On the other back position was Olafur Gustafsson as a replacement of Drasko Nenadic. The Icelander increased to 10:15 and the guests had everything under control  until the end of first half (13-19).

After returning from the break, Flensburg played the way as they had played in the first half. Eggert with a seven meters lifted the advantage to 13:20. La Rioja substitute goalkeeper Gurutz Aguinagalde retaliated however with few great saves. A small glimmer of hope appeared in “Palacio de los deportes” . The best player of the match, strikingly active Naturhouse back, Capote scored for 16:20. The local fans were very happy, that also helped their team to get even better in the game. Flensburg had a hard, only Holger Glandorf managed to score some goals but the power was turned to the Spanish defense. At 24:25, the Spanish team for the first time in second half was on a score to equalize. But in that moments they made two crucial mistakes in attack and guests by Olafur Gustafsson returned to tree goals lead , 25:28. La Roja knew that they had the momentum, they played aggressively, organized and were very motivated which paid off. With the score of Luisfe the hosts made ​​the much-acclaimed 28:28 tie.

Although Steffen Weinhold and Olafur Gustafsson finished their attempts successfully, Flensburg made too many turnovers. La Rioja countered, Capote marked his tenth goal for 32:30. Germans were in a dangerous situation which is why Vranjes took his last time out. After the break,  Michael Knudsen managed to take the ball on the 6 meters line with some luck, and shortly after the Dane conceded a penalty for 32-31. In the last minute La Rioja had possession, but this time Capote failed to score because Mattias Andersson had a great save. In return, Steffen Weinhold scored for 32-32.Naturhouse still had 15 seconds to the end to win, but Flensburg defense saved them a point in this duel.


Nature House La Rioja – SG Flensburg-Handewitt? 32-32 

Attendance: 3000

Referee: Eliasson / Palsson (Iceland);

Nature House La Rioja: Jorge Martínez , Aginagalde  – Da Costa Capote 10, Fernandez Perez 5, Jimenez Reina 5 , Tioumentsev Barabash 4, Rodriguez Alvarez 3, Romero Rodriguez 2, Garabaya Arenas 1, Malburg Patrianova 1, Masachs Gelma 1, Goncalves Dos Santos, Ramiro Perez, Romeo Lopez, Tolmos Rubio, Velasco Encinas
SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson , Rasmussen  – Karlsson, Nenadic (2), Eggert (5), Glandorf (4), Svan, Weinhold (8), Wanne,, Heinl, Blohme, Gustafsson (5), Gottfridsson (2) Radivojevic (4), Knudsen (2)