Macedonia 28:30 Serbia (15:13)

5.1.2014 “Kale” hall, Skopje, Macedonia

Unlike the match against Montenegro where the left back position was greatly covered by few Macedonian players, on this match against Serbia it was obvious that improvisation  have a limit.

Serbia’s starting line up was a bit different then the one on the match against Montenegro, Petar Nenadic, Rastko Stojkovic and Rajko Prodanovic were substituted for Rnic, Toskic and Radivojevic. Macedonian team started with a great defender Aco Jonovski as a first choice for the troubling left position in attack.

The match begun on a great level for the hosts, the flawless defense and great goalkeeper Borko Ristovski, resulted in the first  time out for Serbia (8th minute) as the score was 6-2 for the Macedonian team. But nothing changed significantly,  Rnic was the only bright spot in Serbian team and kept them in the game, but Macedonians were better in attack and in 18th minute they had six goals lead 11-5. But 10 minutes before the halftime break, Macedonian middle back, Mirkulovski was substituted  by Stojcevski, and Macedonian game fell apart. At half time Serbia was lagging only two goals behind 15-13.

MKD - SRB Manaskov

In the second half, Petar Angelov substituted Borko Ristovski on the Macedonian goal , and Petar Nenadic led the attack of Serbia, which was winning combination for Serbian head coach Matic. In the second half Serbia slowly made three goals advantage (19-21, 40′)  and Macedonian team did not have answers. In attack, Serbian players were concentrated on Kiril Lazarov and the other back players were not up to the task, Jonovski and  Angelovski could not substitute the absence of the three injured left back players Mojsovski, Lazarov and Pecakovski nor the Macedonian defense had a solution for Petar Nenadic. In the end, Serbia won with 30-28, this was the last preparatory match for both teams before the EURO 2014.

Macedonia: Ristovski (7 Saves), Angelov(2 saves); Lazarov8, Mirkulovski 2, Ojlevski 1, Stoilov 2, Dimovski 1,Georgievski 6, Mitkov, Stojcevski, Angelovski, Jonovski 2,, V.Markovski, N. Markovski, Z. Mojsovski 2, Pribak 1

Coach:Ivica Obrvan

Serbia: Stanic(6 Saves), Milic (5 Saves); Vujin 7, M. Ilic 1, P.Nenadic 7,D. Nenadic, Nikcevic 6, Prodanovic, Stojkovic 1, Toskic, Manojlovic, Zelenovic 2, Radivoevic 1,Rnic 4, Marsenic, Pusica,Mitrovic, Ilic

Coach: Vladan Matic

France 28:29 Denmark (15:18)

5.1.2014 Golden league, Paris, France

The fourth game of the second leg of the Golden League 2013/2014 could not be reduced to a simple exercise in preparation for Euro 2014 which starts January 12. The identity of the protagonists foreshadowed a bitter encounter. French and Danes did not wait long to fight every moment leather hard. To jump into the fray and go goal for goal. But in the wake of uncompromising defense, team of France puts their hand on the score. In its area, Vincent Gérard met the saves Landin had, his Danish counterpart while in attack, under the baton of Nikola Karabatic, gunners were in orbit.


The clash between Denmark and France was marked from the first whistle by tremendous handball game, fast paced and lots of physics. The two teams went together until the French defense midway through the first half was successful in capturing the balls and get to the fast counter-scores. France achieved a small lead, but held only briefly, as Niklas Landin in the Danish goal stood out strongly. France let Denmark to distance to two goal lead (13-15, 25th). Narcisse and Sorhaindo scored for France but that was not enough to prevent the opponent from French to reach the locker room with a three-goal lead (15-18).


The goal difference was maintained for a few minutes until the French who were struggling to find solutions and offensive were stopped at the goal fiercely guarded by Landin. A lack of success that allowed Denmark first five goal lead (18-23, 41′).  Buoyed by the encouragement of their supporters, French players intensify their defensive play and slowly returned their confidence and found solution in attack (21-23, 44th). Sorhaindo then Guigou scored for the Blue team and the match was tied (23-23). But the Danes did not let go and Christiansen again increased the advantage of the Scandinavians to three goals (24-27, 54th). It took all new defensive rage of the French team and amazing talent Cédric Sorhaindo to return to the game, to less than four minutes remaining. A pilfered ball, good save of Vincent Gérard and a score by Nikola Karabatic, tied the score  (28-28, 58th). Despite all ingenious defense field, the Danish star from Paris Saint-Germain Handball Mikkel Hansen offered the winning goal. The game ended with the Danish victory 29-28 after the break the lead 18-15.

France – Goalkeepers: Gérard (12/38 saves 0/3 pen.) Pardin (1/4). Outfield Players: Narcissus (1/3), Joli (2/2,  2/2 pen.), Nyokas, Honrubia (2/3), N.Karabatic (4/9), Grébille (2/8), Mahé (0/1,  0/1 pen.), Accambray, Abalo (2/6), Sorhaindo (6/6), Guigou (6/10 pen.2/4), L. Karabatic Afgour Door (3/5).

Coach: Claude Onesta. 

Denmark:- Goalkeepers: Landin (20/47 dt 3/6 pen.), Green (0/1 0 dt / 1 pen.) Outfield Players: Mogensen (2/4), Christiansen (4/9), Thomsen (0/1), Mortensen (4/5), Spellerberg (1/3), Knudsen (2/3), Lindberg (5/5 dt 3/3 pen.), Toft-Hansen (5/5), Mollgaard-Jensen (0/1), Sondergaard (2/4), Hansen (4/8).

Coach: : Ulrik Wilbeck.


Hungary 23:30 Poland (12:15)

5.1.2014 Provident Cup, Hungary

Having problems with the back line, Hungarian coach Lajos Mocsai again changed the roster for the last preparatory game before the EURO 2014: Exhibiting 18 players instead of Szekely and Varsandán returned to Tatai and Harsanyi, while the young Bánhidi was left out this time, new mix of Tatai, Harsanyi, Szöllősi, Ilyés, Schuch, Putics, Greg Iváncsik began booking defensively, and offensively. In a very similar scenario in the first eight minutes the score was 4-4 where both team were testing their opponent capabilities. Hungarians had an attack few minutes before the first half break but instead of equalizing to 12-12, Poland scored and had decent advantage on the break 12-15.

The beginning of the second half belonged to Hungary. In 37th Minute Csaszar with a new goal, then Tatai and  Ilyés tied the game to 16-16, and again 19-19. But the Poles woke  up Szmal caught some attempt shots, and the attack was on high level so the halftime difference was quickly restored  (19-22). At that time seemed Poland had the control over the game and the momentum which only meant 20-26 for the guests. Hungarian team play, however, fell apart at the end, the outstanding performances were also missing, so the Poles won confidently, thereby conquered Provident Trophy, while the Hungarian team is the third in places.


HUNGARY: Mikler, Tatai (goalkeepers), Ancsin 4, Császár 3, Gulyás, Harsányi 1 (1), Ilyés 1, Iváncsik G. 1, Lékai 3, Mocsai 2, Nagy K., Schuch, Putics 1, Szalafai, Szöllősi 1, Vadkerti 2, Zdolik 1, Zubai 3.

Coach. Mocsai Lajos

POLAND: Szmal, Wichary, Wyszomirski (goalkeepers), Bielecki 1, Chrapkowski 2, Grabarczyk, Jaszka, Jurkiewicz 4, Krajewski 1, Kubisztal 2, Lijewski 6, Łucak 2, Orzechowski 4 (4), Pilikowski, Syprzak 5, Szyba, Wiśniewski 3.

Coach. Michael Biegler

Referees: Nikolov, Nacsevszki (Macedonia)

Friendly matches: 5.1.2014 International
10:45 Finished Belarus 30 16 14
Czech Republic 32 15 17
11:00 Finished Brazil 22 11 11
Egypt 22 11 11
13:00 Finished Hungary 23 12 11
Poland 30 15 15
13:00 Finished Spain 28 17 11
Sweden 22 9 13
14:15 Finished Croatia 31
Tunisia 24
14:30 Finished Norway 27 16 11
Qatar 34 19 15
15:30 Finished Russia 30 16 14
Austria 31 14 17
17:00 Finished France 28 15 13
Denmark 29 18 11
18:00 Finished Germany 32 18 14
Iceland 24 11 13
18:30 Finished Macedonia 28 15 13
Serbia 30 13 17