Poland 28:29 Belarus (16:13)

3.1.2014 Provident cup, Hungary
In his first appearance as part of the friendly tournament, Provident Cup, the Polish team lost in the Hungarian Gyöngyös from Belarus 28:29 (16:13).
The first half began with the domination of Poland, which quickly went on a 3 goal lead (5:2). Belarusians did not intend to let go and immediately reduced their losses to a single goal 7:6. But the Polish players did not fold, again made mini series for 10:7 and calmly controlled the game. The second part in the first half, no longer squandered of their advantage, and this part of the game ended up carrying white and red 16:13.

In the second half  Belarusians came out very motivated which again led to a draw (18:18). Then repeat of the scenario that already happened twice before. The Poles took the lead, which maintained for several minutes until opponents held a 2-3 good shots which led to a draw. At the end of the quarter it was 23:23. The result in the vicinity of a tie remained to the very end of the match, in the final minutes Belorussia led by two goals. They also better withstood the dramatic end of the meeting, and ultimately defeated Poland 29:28.



Szmal, Wichary, Wyszomirski (goalkeepers); Jaszka 1, Lijewski 4, Bielecki 2, Wiśniewski 5, Jurecki B. 4, Syprzak, Łucak, Krajewski, Kubisztal 1, Orzechowski 7, Szyba 1, Chrapkowski 3

Coach: Biegler Michael


Cserepenko, Kisov (goalkeepers); Rutenko S. 7/5, Rutenko D. 4, Shilovich 4, Babichev 3, Semenov 3, Nikulenkov 3, Titov 2, Brovko 1, Pukhovsky 1, Shumak 2, Baranov, Zaitsau, Kamis, Nyezsura

Coach: Shevtsova Yuri

Referees: Dobrovits, Tájok (Hungarians)

Hungary 28:29 Czech Republic (13:15)

3.1.2014 Provident cup, Hungary

The match began carefully with 2-0  for the home team, but the guests made a great series and soon after it was 4-2 for the Czechs. The guests showed their intentions but the Hungarians tied twice (4-4, 5-5). After eight minutes, however, the Czechs clearly have taken over the control of the game and the score was 10-5. The Hungarian only managed to close the gap to two goals (13-15) on the half time.

140103 HUN-CZE kezi1

After Jicha  got a longer break,  Horak took over the lead role in the Czech squad.
In the second half, Tata started at the Hungarian goal, but nothing changed, and after just six minutes Czechs had four-goal advantage (15-19). A great start for the hosts to the long endgame in the last 15 minutes,  due to goals by Mocsai, Szöllősi, and Császár, they equalized (22-22) five minutes  before the end, for the first time after a 5-5 in the first half, but not the last (27-27). However, the last three minutes after Becvár’s goal and missed opportunity of Hungarian best player Gabor Császár, Czech Republic defeated the Hungarians with 28-29.


Mikler, Tata (goalkeepers), Ancsin 3, Császár 6, Gulyás, Harsányi 2 (1), Ilyés, Iváncsik G. 2, 3 Lékai, Mocsai 3, Nagy K. 1, 1 Schuch, Putics 3,  Szalafai, Szöllősi 3, Vadkerti, Varsandán, Zubai 1.

Coach: Mocsai Lajos


Mrkva, Štochl (goalkeepers), Babák, Bečvář 3 (2), Horák 7, Hrstka 2, Jícha 5, Jurka 4, Kasal, Kubeš, Mráz 3, Šindelář, Sklenák 2, Sobol 1, Stehlík 1, Vanco 1.

Coach: Vladimír Haber, Jaroslav Hudeček.

Referees: Nikolov, Nacevski (Macedonians)

Macedonia 33:27 Montenegro (18:17)

3.1.2014 “Kale” hall, Skopje Macedonia

Before the EURO 2014 in Denmark, Macedonian team had difficulties with their roster since all of the offensive left backs were injured, Naumce Mojsovski (center/left), Philip Lazarov, and Dejan Pecakovski (still pending decision of the seriousness of his injury). Their coach asked for better involvement in the game from the rest of the players and he got it in this friendly match against Montenegro which are dealing with the absence of one of their key players Drasko Mrvaljevic.

The first half was marked by the superstars in both teams Lazarov and Shevaljevic who scored seven goals each, and were unsolved puzzle for the opponents defense and the goalkeepers who did not have a good night.
1551738_467202413383934_1016543012_nGuests of Montenegro from the start of the match had the lead (0-2 Shevaljevic 2′) which Macedonians quickly caught to 2-2, and the score was constantly  1-2 goals in favor of the guests thanks to Pejovic and Shevaljevic (8-11 19′) .

It took 27 minutes Macedonia for the first time to get the lead (15-14). Once Macedonia was in lead they did not let Montenegro come close to it again. Angelov for 10 minutes in the second half had four saves, and with counter attack, smart offensive play and combining with second pivot on the 6 meter line quickly made the score six goals lead 26-20. Montenegrin coach Zoran Kastratović had no choice but to ask for time out. 

His team failed to  reduce to 27-24,  which was punished by a 4-1 series of Macedonia  and 31-25 score.

Branislav Angelovski brought good changes in the Macedonian game, two goals behind the name of the “reserve” back and some great assists  put him in favorable position for the empty spot in the starting line up.

By the end the players from the benches of both teams had their opportunities, and the coaches of both teams now have a better perception of what needs to be sorted out to remove the weaknesses of their teams.


Mitretvski (saves 3), Ristovski (saves 3), Angelov (saves 4). Manaskov 3 (1/1), Stoilov, Lazarov 9 (5/6), Mitkov 3, Jonovski, Angelovski 3, Mirkulovski 2, V.Markoski, Z.Mojsoski 1, Ojleski 3, N.Markoski, Dimovski 3, Pribak, Georgievski 2, Stojcevski
Coach: Ivica Obrvan.


Mijatovic (6 saves) Rakchevic 2, Borozan, Milashevic, Lipovina 2, 3 Markovic, Rajkovic, Radovic, Vujovic 1, Simic, Petricevic, Grbovic, Pejovic 2, Shevaljevic 9 (2/2), 3 Perisic, Simovic 3, Lasica 2,
Coach: Zoran Kastratović.
Referees: Gligor Kjaev and Spasko Kjaev

Germany 28:29 Austria (14:17)

3.1.2014 Four nation tournament, Dortmund, Germany
The German national handball team has started with a defeat against Austria in the four-nation tournament. On Friday night, the team led by head coach Martin Heuberger was beaten in front of 4800 spectators at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund with 28:29 (14:17). Left Wing Uwe Gensheimer missed a seven-meter final shot against Austria goalkeeper Nikola Marinovic.

“It was a deserved victory for Austria,” Heuberger said. “In the first half we did not manage to give the defensive stability. In the second half we did not use too many chances -. Because we just have to be hard-nosed “In the current squad several injured regulars are missing like Michael Haass and Steffen Weinhold”but that is no excuse. Even with this team we could have won against Austria. ”

Heuberger began the match with goalkeeper Carsten Lichtlein and Patrick Groetzki (RW), Holger Glandorf (RB), Tim Kneule (CM), Stefan Kneer (LB), Uwe Gensheimer (LW) and Patrick Wiencek (LP). However, after zestful start the team lost the line and with a 6-0 run, the guests moved to 14:10 thereof and claimed the lead.

At 26:27 Dominik Klein missed for the compensation, which Patrick Groetzki managed to do 34 seconds before the final whistle.

Turbulent final phase: Dominik Schmid scored the winning goal for Austria, Raul Santos stopped the last German attack at the expense of a disqualification and a seven meter – but Gensheimer missed.


Germany – Austria 28:29 (14:17)

Germany: Lichtlein, Ziemer; Kneer (4), Gensheimer (5/1), Roggisch, Sellin, Lemke, Wiencek (4), Wiede, Glandorf (5), Pekeler (2), Groetzki (2), Kneule (1), Strobel (1), Häfner, Klein (4)

Austria: Bauer, Marinovic; M. Hermann (1), Ziura (2), Schmid (4), Bozovic, Szilagyi (3), Posch (1), Wilczynski, Schlinger (1), Bammer, Kolar, Klopcic, Weber (9/1), Edelmüller (4), Santos (4)

Referees: Al-Suwaidi/Bamutref (Katar)

In the other match Island defeated Russia by one goal 35:34 (19:18)

Spain 32:23 Egypt (17:9)

3.1.2014 International Tournament, Cordoba, Spain

The Spanish team has defeated Egypt  with 32:23 (17:9 rest) on the first day of the International Tournament in Spain which is being held in the Palacio de Vista Alegre de Córdoba, before 2,400 spectators, with the presence of the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco.

_JLR7568The ‘Hispanic’ showed from the start that the 6:0 defense with Viran Morros and Gideon Guardiola in the center,  yield results, making it difficult to use the maxim of the Egyptian attack.

Ten minutes into game, and the five goal lead (7:2) forced the first Egypt’s timeout, but the Egyptians offensive resources  were not enough to penetrate the Spanish wall, which led to 11-3 midway through the first quarter of a game.

Rotations occurred in the Spanish team and the international debut of Alex Dujshebaev, who scored two goals in his debut for the senior team of Spain.

The first half ended with 17:9. In the second half, with the game decided, Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas also climbed on the bandwagon of those who are called to gain prominence despite his youth, he offered hints of a sober and safe keeper.

Egypt based their game on the power of the right back Taha, who scored six goals., which was not enough to escape the defeat from the current world  champions.

32 – Spain (17+15): Sierra; Víctor Tomás (2), Antonio García (1), Sarmiento (1), Guardiola (3), Maqueda (3), Valero Rivera (7, 3p) – starting seven – Pérez de Vargas (ps), Rocas (4, 1p), Ugalde (3), Morros (2), Cañellas (1), Entrerríos (1), Andreu (2), Ruesga (0), Dujshebaev (2).

23 – Egypt (9+14): Mohmoud; Mamdouh (3), Taha (6), Ahmed (1), Ibrahim (0), Alaa (3, 2p), Fayez (2) – starting seven – Mostafa (ps), Mohamed (ps), Gaber (1), Ahmed (0), Hesham (3), Eslam (2), Zeinelabdin (0), Abdou (1), Hisham (1).
Referees: Óscar Ralui y Ángel Sabroso

Brasil 31:29 Sweden (17:12)

3.1.2014 International Tournament, Cordoba, Spain

The Brazilian team led by Jordi Ribera has set 31:29 (17:12 at halftime) to Sweden in the opening match of the International Tournament in Spain.

The Brazilians were ahead the whole game, being with four goals ahead 26:22 in 47 ‘. But a partial 0:5 in six minutes put the Swedes in the lead and got their hopes up.

Even Though the game proved difficult, Brazilians believe more in the lead, and won the game to the surprise of the spectators in Cordoba with 31:29.