BELARUS 28:31 HUNGARY (11-17)

4.1.2014 Provident Cup, Hungary
Second performance of the Hungarian national team was more convincing and at the level the host should have played. Belarusians made ​​some changes to replace Sumak who suffered arm fracture at the duel with Poland.  The first ten minutes brought tie in the game, 4-4, a result that changed something in the play for both coaches. Mikler was the reason for two goal gap that the host made, 6-4. The visitors scored the first four goals though Barcelona star, Sergei Rutenka, in Hungary, Ancsin scored three times, and Zubai twice. Szalafai and Varsandán also scored, so in 20th minute, the score was 12-8 and a reason for Shevtsova to ask for the first time out. But Ancsin and Császár signed up on the scoreboard again, for 14-9. The half ended with six Hungarian-goal advantage, a major factor in the difference was between the goalies.
Gulyas opened the second half, and then Császár and Ancsin. On the opposite side just Rutenka was in his element, and after five minutes Hungary jumped to 21-13. However, the eight-goal difference quickly dwindled to three (22-19), hosts defense loosened and was not able to resist the Belarusians. Mocsai  has asked for time out not in a good mood, he temporarily managed to shake his team (25-20), but with a double and single man disadvantage the Belorusians slowely closed the gap. However, when they most needed, Rutenka missed a seven-meter attempt and Mocsai , Putics, Szollosi and Lékai also scored the first goal, so the Hungarian national team ended with three goal difference, 28:31.

BELARUS: Cserepenko, Kisov (goalkeepers), 3 Baranov, Brovko, Babicsev, 2 Kamis, Nyezsura, Nyikolenkov, Puhovszkij 6, D. Rutenka, Rutenka S.11 (5), Silovics 3, Szemenov 1, 2 Titov, Zaitsev.

Coach: Shevtsova Yuri.

HUNGARY: Mikler, Szekely (goalkeepers), Ancsin 7, 8 Császár 8 (4), Gulyás 3, Ilyés, Iváncsik G., Lékai 1, Mocsai 1, Nagy K. 2, Schuch, Putics 1, Szalafai 1, Szöllősi 1, Vadkerti, Varsandán 4, Zdolik, Zubai 2.

Coach. Mocsai Lajos

Referees: Nikolov, Nacevski (Macedonians)


4.1.2014 Provident Cup, Hungary
In their second meeting in Hungary played at Provident Cup friendly tournament, the Polish team comfortably defeated Czech Republic 31:23 (14:10).


It was definitely better match for the Poles, the execution was much better than yesterday’s match against the team of Belarus. Before the break proteges of Michael Biegler conceded just ten goals and going down to the locker room had four goals advantage over their rival Czech Republic.

The second part of the game, our team began to gain five goals in a row. Our team until the end of the match did not return already this high, earned advantage, calmly controlling the course of events on the dance floor.

CZECH REPUBLIC: Mrkva, Stochl – Hrstka 2, Becvar, Jurka 1, Kubes, Vanco 1, Jicha 4, Sobol 1, Horak, Mraz 2, Stehlik 3, Babak 2, Sklekak 2, Sindelar, Kasal 5.

POLAND: Szmal, Wichary, Wyszomirski – Jaszka 4, Lijewski 1, Bielecki 2, Wiśniewski 2, Jurecki B. 2, Syprzak 2, Łucak 7, Krajewski 3, Kubisztal 1, Orzechowski 4, Szyba, Chrapkowski 2, Pilitowski 1, Jurkiewicz.