22.03.2014 16:10, LAST 16, Kielce, Poland

KS Vive Targi Kielce 32 : 28 Rhein-Neckar Löwen (17:13)

This is the best duel of the Final 16 stage, and it proved to be one of the best matches in the first leg.
The hosts, Kielce, had a though task in front of them, they needed a bigger goal difference, so they can put the pressure on the German team in Mannheim. It was just a first half and at the half time break Kielce leads with 4 goals.
Kielce arena was fully packed with yellow-blue fans, the atmosphere promised a great show and gave wings to the home team players. They started furious, Rhein Neckar was confused and overpowered, the attacks were weak and Kielce goalkeeper, Szmal was inspired. After only 5 minutes, Polish champions were in a five goal lead 8-3. In the first half the hosts had the biggest lead of 8 goals 15-7, but the Lions consolidated their game and on half time went with four goals deficit 17:13.
The second thirty minutes were much more fierce spectacle. Both teams threw at stake all their strength, but the visitors were more skillful and in just six minutes managed to tie the score to 19-19. In a last effort to get better result at home court, Kielce returned to safe four goal difference which guarantees a great return match in Germany.

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KS Vive Targi Kielce: Lijewski 9, Bielecki 4, Chrapkowski 4, Cupic 4, Jurecki 4, Zorman 4, Aguinagalde Akizu 1, Musa 1, Strlek 1, Buntic-, Grabarczyk-, Jachlewski-, Losert-, Olafsson-, Rosinski-, Szmal;
Rhein-Neckar Löwen: 7 Groetzki, 6 Gensheimer, 5 Petersson, 3 Myrhol, 2 Ekdahl du Rietz, 2 Gorbok, 2 Schmid, 1 Guardiola Villaplana, – Guardiola Villaplana,- Landin Jacobsen, – Manojlovic,- Prodanovic, – Roggisch, – Sesum, – Sigurmannsson, – Stojanovic
REFEREES Andrei Gousko (BLR) Siarhei Repkin (BLR)