20.01.2014, Group 1, Herning

Macedonia 27:29 Iceland (11:14)

Macedonia played their best game so far on this tournament but lost against Iceland with 27-29.

After the initial six minutes, Icelandic players were in shock since Macedonia was in a lead with 4-0. It only lasted 18 minutes until Icelandic machinery reached an operating speed. First they equalized in 18th minute to 7-7, and after Bergischer goalkeeper Gustavsson saved a 9-meter attempt from Branislav Angelovski, Sigurdsson scored from fast break for 8-7. From that point on, Iceland took the control over the game, and on half time they had three goals lead 11-14.


When Icelandic players thought that they found a way to overpower Macedonia, Balkans team made another 3-0 series to tie the score at the beginning of the second half. But Iceland did not give up, they were in constant minimal lead which they utilized in the end with two points won and a battle for the 5th place.

Austria 27:28 Spain (12:14)

Nobody expected that the World Champion Spain could not handle, the outsider Austria. Coach Cadenas underestimated the Austrians and started with a different lineup, which could have cost him a place in the semifinals. Austrians even had the lead in 20th minute, and were equal opponent to the World Champion. What should worry Cadenas is the way in which Spain loses a hard earned advantage. In the last fifteen minutes, Spain had five goals advantage, at the end they managed to keep only one.


Denmark 28:24 Hungary (14:11)

 The hosts struggled in the first half and it took 20 minutes to broke Hungarian resistance. Even when they got a breathing distance of three goals difference, they could not go all the way and routinely end this match. After 30 minutes Hungary was lagging 3 goals behind Denmark 14-11.5457_52dd8c4ac3e

At the beginning of the second half Denmark, made an unreachable five goals advantage which Hungarian team only managed to reduce to four goals. In the end 28-24 as Denmark promoted themselves in the first semi finalist.