12.01.2014, Group A, Herning

Austria 30:20 Czech Republic (14:9)

On the first day of the European championship, first surprise Austria defeated Czech Republic with 10 goals difference! Czechs experienced total meltdown, and highly motivated Austrians used it. With powerful attack led by Schlinger and Szilagyi, agile defending, and great goalkeeper Marinovic they were the first surprise of EURO2014. 1526184_653645521344019_1723342175_n When they stopped Filip Jicha and managed to control Horak, Czech’s team play was no where to be found, a lot of mistakes and unforced errors many missed shots from the back line which Austria knew how to utilize. Those were the main reasons Austria celebrated at the end, 30:20.

Denmark 29:21 Macedonia (12:8)

It was the first match of the hosts in front of 14000 fans, Denmark had an impressive start with 5:0, that was a sign which way this game would go. Macedonians scored their first goal from penalty in 9th minute, but the hosts control the game and were on a save distance, which after 30 minutes was four goals, 12-8. 1010811_653645614677343_296548738_n In the second half, after many mistakes in attack and great saves of the Danish goalkeeper Landin, Macedonia was trailing behind with five goals. The Balkans team had many great chances to lower the difference, even their defense was on a good level but some missed clear shots and very slow transition, resulted in the final score, 29-21 for Danmark.

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Austria 1 1 0 0 30 20 10 2
Denmark 1 1 0 0 29 21 8 2
Macedonia 1 0 0 1 21 29 -8 0
Czech Republic 1 0 0 1 20 30 -10 0