16.01.2014, Group A, Herning

Macedonia 22:21 Austria (12:10)

Another thriller match but this time with happy end for Macedonian team, they defeated Austria and  advance in the Main Round with two points. Austria thanks to Denmark also advances in the next stage without any points.


The match had started nervously, with one missed attack on both sides, until Manaskov scored from a fast break for the first goal on the match. From then on, Macedonia had the control over the game, Austria only managed to tie the score three times (last time in 18th minute for 6-6), but had no strength to take the lead, on  the other hand Macedonia in 28th minute had three goals lead 12-9. Fölser scored in 29th minute for final 12-10 on the half time.

Five minutes into the second half it seemed that Macedonia had the game in their hands, they were in the lead with 2/3 goals and were playing strong. But in the next five minutes Manaskov got 2 minute suspension and after three mistakes in attack (One technical foul from Lazarov and two saved attempts from Marinovic) Austria was back in the game. In 39th minute, Santos scored for first tie in the second half, 14-14. They even had two goals advantage, five minutes from the end. But Macedonian stronger will and great goalkeeper Borko Ristovski brought joy to Macedonian fans, with final 22-21.

Denmark 33:29 Czech Republic (21:17)

In the last match of Group A, Denmark, as expected, defeated Czech Republic and sent them home.

It begun equally for both teams, Czech Republic led by  Jicha was motivated and determined to improve the impression they left on this tournament. The Czech players only started getting some difficulties scoring goals, when Jannick Green replaced Niklas Landin after 20 minutes.

3300_52d8487ab83 It seemed that there were no defense in the first half, after the attacking players in both teams had had the better conditions in the first half which ended 21:17 for Denmark. Both teams put more focus on their defence after the break, when flow of goals reached a considerably lower pace. For Czech Republic their star player Filip Jicha scored impressive 11 goals, which was not enough to avoid 33-29 defeat.

Denmark 3 3 0 0 95 79 16 6
Macedonia 3 1 1 1 67 74 -7 3
Austria 3 1 0 2 80 75 5 2
Czech Republic 3 0 1 2 73 87 -14 1