17.01.2014, Group C, Aarhus

Russia 22:24 Poland (14:10)

In a key match for the last spot in the Main Round, Russia was defeated by Poland with 22-24, which means that both teams advance to the next stage. Poles needed to win with more than one goal difference in order to continue their stay on this tournament. They succeeded with this narrow victory against the lucky loser Russia, which also qualified for the Main stage, thanks to group winner France. 3639_52d9755fc3cIt started great for the Polish team, they took the initiative and were in the control of the game for 12 minutes. Then Igropulo from fast break equalized the score to 5-5, Polish game fell apart and Russia even had five goals advantage (8-13, 24′ and 9-14, 29′). On the break everything seemed to be going Russia’s way, they had the momentum and they had four goals lead 14-10. But the second half started in domination of the Polish team. Russian players were deconcetaded and made a lot of mistakes in attack which only meant great series and five goal lead for Poland (Jaszka , 21-16,48′). Poland needed two goal victory, they paced the game and in the end succeeded with 24-22 victory. They are going in the Main stage with two points.

France 31:28 Serbia (17:12)

In the last match in Aarhus, France announced their candidacy for the title of EURO2014, they defeated Serbia easily with 31-28, and are traveling in the Main Round with four points. It was not that France was brilliant, but Serbia showed the worst game they have played in the last years. The pressure for Serbia’s starting lineup was too big, they made a lot of mistakes that France new how to punish. In 15th minute Karabatic & Co had six goals advantage. 3909_52d993a0449In the second half, Serbia did not have any strength and quality to get close to their opponents lead. France routinely finished the match

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with 33-29.

France 3 3 0 0 94 83 11 6
Russia 3 1 0 2 77 84 -7 2
Poland 3 1 0 2 73 72 -4 2
Serbia 3 1 0 2 73 77 -4 2