15.01.2014, Group C, Aarhus

Russia 27:25 Serbia (14:14)

After Serbia’s close victory over Poland and Russia’s 8 goals defeat in the first round, there are few that would bet on Russia on this match.

The team from Balkans was the one that made the first step toward victory, with a goal by Nikcevic, Serbia had four goals advantage 9-5 in 11th minute. But Russia responded with 5-0 in the middle of the first half, for their first lead, after the initial 3-2. Russia even had a two goal lead in 20th minute but Serbia did not allow any inconveniences for the second half. In the last moments of the first half , with a goal by Momir Ilic from distance, they managed to tie the score to 14-14.


That was not all Russia had to say (show). In the first 7 minutes,  Shelemenko, Gorbok, and Evdokimov two times, scored for great 4-0 series and first 4 goals lead for Russia. The only thing Serbia could do, was to get close to one goal lead, last time in 58th minute with a goal from penalty by Vujin. But Russia was more concentrated, calmer and wanted this victory more. In the end 27-25 for Russia.

Poland 27:28 France (14:15)

Unlike the first round when impressive France had the control over the game, this time Poland made it hard for the Olympic champions. With a close defeat Poland have to win in the last round if they do not want to go home after Preliminary round.

Polish team, without any respect for the opponent, started this match. They had two goals lead in 14th minute, but things moved fast on court, three minutes later Guigou scored for new lead for his team. After 30 minutes the scoreboard sling finished with one goal advantage for France 15-14.


A close match, where no team had more than three goals difference, had a great finish, just 70 seconds before the end Jurkiewicz tied the score to 27-27 .  A goal 20 seconds from the end from Igor Anic was enough to give France a hard-fought 28:27 win , which advanced France to the Main round.

France 2 2 0 0 63 55 8 4
Serbia 2 1 0 1 45 46 -1 2
Russia 2 1 0 1 55 60 -5 2
Poland 2 0 0 2 46 4 -2 0