16.03.2014, Group 2, Gyor

Györi Audi ETO KC 31 : 29 Larvik

In the women’s handball Champions League, Gyori Audi ETO KC defeated Larvik 31-29, and as a Group winner got into the Final Four in Budapest where they will play in the semifinal  against the Danish champions Midtjylland.

The last group match was only the answer to the the question if Gyori ETO will play against the first or second place team in the Group 1, an opportunity to choose their opponent for the Final Four.

In front of their home crowd Gyor began very convincing, they pulled away with 3-1 but Larvik rebounded, and the score was 5-4 for the away team. Gyor’s attack was weak and only a good performance of Orsolya Herr was keeping them in the game with two goals deficit 6-8.

But Gyor amazing back line woke up and tied the match to 9-9, and soon after took the lead with 12-11, a sign that the champions were back on the right track. The advantage lasted to the half time break., 14-12.

In the first minutes of the second half, Gyor found their game and made comfortable lead of 4 goals(!16:12). Larvik, however, responded as in the first half, with excellent play starring Anja Hammarseng-Edin  and equalized in the 40th minute to 19-19. Gyor had the game under control throughout the whole second half, as soon as Larvik equalized, they would took the lead back and increase it to two goals difference. In the end victory was not questionable and the home team celebrated their first placement in the Final Four with final score 31-29.

Györi Audi ETO KC: Görbicz 7, Bulatovic 6, Loke 5, Amorim 4, Bognar-Bodi 3, Kovacsics 3, Boczko-Hornyak 1, Korsos 1, Orban 1, Herr -, Hornyak -, Lunde -, Redei-Soos -, Sirian -, Tervel -;
Larvik: 11 Hammerseng-Edin, 7 Mörk, 3 Hammerseng-Edin, 3 Sulland, 2 Kristiansen, 2 Stange, 1 Johansen, – Blanco, – Breistoel, – Breivang, – Hasanic, – Koren Riegelhuth,- Kristiansen,- Loke,- Lund,- Rantala

REFEREES: Dalibor Jurinovic (CRO) Marko Mrvica (CRO)
EHF-DELEGATE: Svetlana Obucina (SRB)

16.03.2014, Group 1, Ikast

FC Midtjylland 26 : 20 Thüringer HC

In the Ikast-Brande Arena, Midtjylland hosted Thüringer HC for the ultimate battle for a spot in the semi-finals of the Champions League. In a game in which the hosts demonstrated fast and secure handball, the guests were beaten by 20:26 (10:15).  Most successful  scorers were Line Anna Jorgensen (FCM) and Alexandrina Barbosa (THC) with six goals.

The Danish champions started with a shallow defense and challenged the THC to attempt from the back line distance shots. That kept the guests up  in the game, in 15th minutes the game was wide open. (7:7). The THC was in the game and Sabine Englert was overpowered several times. Thus, the THC lead was no accident, 9:10 – 20th Minute.  The hosts had to change something in their game, in the attack was played at a fast pace while ensuring clear shots, but THC used every mistake of their opponents. Then Sabine Englert, had her minutes, she was almost invincible in the Danish goal. The weakness of the Thuringian back line gave the hosts a 6-0 run and FCM was on a comfortable lead 15:10 at half time.
At the begining of the second half, Midtjylland moved further away to 19:10. At the victory was secured. After five minutes Alexandrina Barbosa  finally scored the first goal for her team. Then began an absolute defensive battle. No team scored in the next seven minutes. Barbosa  again recessed a hammer to 12:19. The THC women fought hard to create a sensation, bu the time was their enemy. Luzumova closed the gap to four goals eight minutes from the end for 16:20.  But Midtjylland was not going to let any surprise ruin their Final Four spot and got back to safe six goals lead 22:16. The game was decided. At the end Thuringer left the court with their heads  down, and had to accept a 20:26 defeat.

FC Midtjylland: Jörgensen 6, Groot 5, Jensen 5, Thorsgaard 4, Jörgensen 3, Woller 2, Troelsen 1, Boegelund -, Egestorp -, Englert -, Möller -, Olsen -, Rasmussen -, Rasmussen -, Sommer -, Spellerberg -;
Thüringer HC: 6 Cabral Barbosa, 4 Nadgornaja, 3 Frey, 3 Luzumova, 1 Engel, 1 Huber, 1 Mietzner, 1 Smeets, – Althaus,- Krause, – März, – Snelder,

REFEREES: Ferenc Bonifert (HUN) Viktor Oláh (HUN)
EHF-DELEGATE: Bjorn Hogsnes (NOR)

1 Vardar Skopje (Macedonia) 6 3 2 1 154-142 +12 8
2 Midtjylland (Denmark) 6 3 1 2 152-147 +5 7
3 Thüringer HC (German) 6 3 1 2 157-156 +1 7
4 Sävehof (Swedish) 6 2 4 149-167 -18 2
1 GYOR AUDI ETO KC 6 4 2 160-147 +13 10
2 Buducsnoszt Podgorica (Montenegro); 6 3 3 149-126 +23 9
3 Larvik (Norway) 6 1 1 4 134-147 -13 3
4 Krim Ljubljana (Slovenia) 6 1 5 133-156 -23 2