Motor Zaporozhye 31-30 HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb

MOTOR-ZagrebMotor Zaporozhye defeated Zagreb Croatia Osiguranje in the first match of second round played today in Ukraine. Even though Motor had the lead after the first half 18-15, Zagreb lost by only one goal even though they had final 70 seconds in attack to score the eqalizer, but Mandalinic, Zagreb left back, lost the ball and the hosts celebrated at the end.The top scorer was Burka from Motor Zaporozhye with 8 goals and Mandalinic, Valcic i Shebetic scored 5 goals for Zagreb CO. The greatest problem for Zagreb was their defense, they were confused which was used by the powerful back line of Motor (Onufrienko 7, Burka 7 and Aflitulin 5 goals), and when Zagreb defense started taking over the back line they used their line player to score (Shevelev 4 goals).Luckily for Zagreb Motor defense also was not on satisfactory level so the score stayed close throughout the game (8-8,12-12,14-14,30-30) unfortunately the last Zagreb attack was not successful so they had to congratulate the opponent and wait for their rematch in Zagreb.

HSV Hamburg 41-32 RK Gorenje Velenje

HSV Handball - Naturhouse La Rioja  Championsleague ESP

HSV Hamburg won in their first game in Hamburg against Gorenje Velenje. The guests only managed to be equal 7 minutes and then Hamburg made two goals difference  and increased it  when Torsten Jansen scored for 12-8 (15′), the first time out was called for Gorenje. Nothing changed after the timeout the score remained  between 3-4 goals until 19-minute when Kristian Beciri,Velenje’s line player, was suspended for 2 minutes, and Domgoj Duvnjak scored for 14-9, Gorenje lost the ball and in the next attack penalty was  awarded to Toft Hansen which Linberg made it in 15-9. That gave wings to HSV and in 24 minute was  17-9 . The biggest advantage was made with two goals of Schroder 20-10 (27′).  After 30 minutes the score was 21-13.

In the second half Gorenje tried to get a decent difference and in 41 minute made a series for 29-23, closest they got to HSV was at 55 minute when Scube scored for 35-31. But HSV has a great players in their roster with lot of experience and they did not let Gorenje Velenje make any surprises today. The game ended 41-32.