This news was around for a few months but neither side confirmed it or denied it until today. Vardar director Davor Stojanovski gave the following statement :

“Vardar can confirm the transfer of Blazenko Lackovic, which will be effective from season 2014/2015 and will continue in the next three years. With this acquisition, the team is enriched with another top class professional who plays on a position left back, and has the quality to play in attack and defense as well. We are glad that Blazenko Lackovic recognized a serious and quality team in Vardar, with high ambitions, to be always on the top. With his arrival in Vardar, we can confirm our ambition to create a strong, competitive and mostly homogeneous team that can counter any rival. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a successful cooperation between Blazenko Lackovic and Vardar that will last and be filled with success.”

In a statement for the official HSV website Blazenko Lackovic said:

“On one hand it is a pity to leave HSV handball, the City of Hamburg and the Bundesliga after such a long time. On the other hand, I’m happy to switch to a very ambitious club that wants to attack Europe in the next few years. Skopje plays in a very good league run up strong European handball players in the top clubs. Macedonia has become a Handball nation. I look forward to Skopje and cooperation with the coach Raul Gonzalez”