In front of a packed Boris Trajkovski Arena, Metalurg hosted the German champion, THW Kiel. It all began very tense and tough, both teams showed great defending. But Kiel players used their opponents mistakes more and were always in slight advantage throughout the whole first half.
Metalurg scored their first goal in 6th minute. Sjostrand was unbeatable in the introductory minutes and finished the first half with 7 saves. Lino Cervar asked for team time-out but it had short term effect, Metalurg first equalized to 8-8, but did not have any strength for more. Kiel on the other hand used every possible mistake, which in the end earned them five goals advantage after 30 minutes, 9-14.
The second half started as the first ended, Kiel was dominant in defense and made Metalurg’s attack very uneventful, they finished the job with fast breaks. Only Darko Stanic still kept Metalurg in the game, and did not let “zebras” finish the duel in Skopje. This only lasted 50 minutes, Metalurg players were tired and Kiel wanted to secure their place in Cologne after the first lag. Kiel increased their level and Metalurg stopped, in the end it was impressive away victory for the German team, 31-21.
Top scorers for THW Kiel was Vujin with 8, and Palmarsson with 7. For the home team Manaskov scored 6 times.