20.03.3013 Gyor, Hungary

HC Motor Zaporozhye 28 : 31 THW Kiel (14:16)

After a great start for the hosts with 3-0, Kiel finally woke up in the fifth minute and scored the first goal of the match. The match was open until the 10th minute, when the “guests” tied to 4-4. After that moment, the German champion took over the control of the game and the result and was in a constant lead with 2-3 goals.

It was difficult enough that Motor had to play with last year’s Final Four participant, but they also could not count on their home court advantage. In a match that was played in Hungary, the Ukrainians only had strength to stood up to Kiel for ten minutes. They chased the lead throughout the game but were always a goal or two short. In the end Kiel with three goals advantage 28-31 will host Motor in their arena in Germany.

HC Motor Zaporozhye: Aflitulin 6, Burka 5, Skopintsev 5, Evdokimov 4, Kubatko 2, Onufryienko 2, Shevelev 2, Ostroushko 1, Semikov 1, Gorbachov -, Gurkovsky -, Koshovy -, Kurylenko -, Perez de Inestrosa -, Stochl -, Zhuk –
THW Kiel: Jicha 7, Vujin 7, Palmarsson 4, Jallouz 3, Sigurdsson 3, Sprenger 3, Zeitz 2, Ekberg 1, Wiencek 1, Klein, Krieter -, Palicka, Toft Hansen