In the first half, HSG had control over the score with great defense led by goalkeeper Andreas Wolff. Kiel tried to penetrate guests defense using their back line but only the shots from Marko Vujin found the right way to score. It was fast and demanding game and Kiel thanks to their defense and fast breaks kept the gap less than 4 goals. Using his experience Jicha scored some key goals and did not let Wetzlar to make their lead bigger.The first half was all about HSG goalkeeper which culminated saving the 7 meters shot in the last second of the first half, for 11-14 lead for Wetzlar.
In the second half the new player of Wetzlar, Jose Ombrados stood between the posts but Kiel game got much better, they were concentrated and aggressive in defense which caused HSG to make mistakes in attack and with fast breaks and few good offensive plans Kiel were in a lead by three goals (last lead 25-22 at 55′).
In 57′ Wetzlar close the gap at just one goal 25-24, when Kiel coach called
a time out,which did not make any difference since HSG scored for the equalizer 25-25, 20 seconds till the end. Kiel tried to score fast, but Ivano Balic stopped their attack illegally for which got a red card. All hopes of the guests that they could go home with a point vanished when Jicha scored the last goal for the hosts with only 4 seconds to the final whistle. It was very exciting match,it is no shame to loose against the champion but Wetzlar lost by one goal again, this is their fifth defeat this season will their luck turn or something will be changing we will see.