Kielce with high win against FC Porto Vitalis!

In the VELUX EHF Champions League second round match, Vive Kielce  defeated Portuguese FC Porto Vitalis 35:23. Bogdan Wenta’s team won the match confidently, almost from the beginning, increasing the lead throughout  the match. Perfect match played Slawomir Szmal, especially in the second half .

Five minutes into the game, Polish champions Kielce ware losing 1-4. The team from Portugal played fast and was not afraid of casting decisions. The moment of surprise lasted for a short while. Bogdan Wenta quickly took the charge, read the  game of the guests, and his team instantly leveled the score. Kielce then took the initiative and slowly stared building the lead. In 13 minutes, the home team took the lead 8:5. At the end of the first half Julen Aginagalde was extremely effective  and scored four goals in this part of the game.

The second half started with Kielce scoring four goals in a row. In the 35 minute it was already 21:13. Polish champions gradually added  goal after goal, which expanded the advantage over FC Porto. After 50 minutes, advantage was already 10 goals (31:21). It has become clear that the “yellow-white-blues”  will take their second victory in the Champions League season 2013/2014. The end of the match once again belonged to the home team  and the meeting ended with a victory for high 35:23.

Top scorers for Kielce were Juretzki (6 goals) and Cupic (5 goals) and in the loosing team Duarte scored 6 goals.

For all our Polish friends here is a post-game interviews:


Aalborg Handball 28:24 Naturhouse La Rioja

AAlborg NaturHouse

A perfect start for Aalborg at their home “Gigantium” arena, in the Champions League. Victory with 28-24 against Nature House La Rioja, good game and 100 percent utilization of the resources that were left after a lot of  injures in the team (which are the reason why only five players scored the goals for the home team). Aalborg started the game at a blistering pace and took the lead with 4:0 to 5:0  after only five minutes of play. Hosts played faster attacking play than the rather heavy Spanish defense could handle, and the back line with Mads Mensah Larsen, Morten Slundt and Martin Larsen had mastered the game and got Baker Place brilliantly with the line. Shortly before the break , Aalborg had a lead of eight goals, but they left with 16-10 at the break. Home team kept the lead from the start of the second half and in one point had a lead of nine goals. Spaniards got a bit more pace in the game in the second part. They got were more concentrated in attack and Aalborg players were more tired which gave chance Nature House La Rioja  to score easier. Erevik played the game at a high level and had its great part in the victory.

Goalscorers for Aalborg Handball: Mads Mensah Larsen 8, Morten Slundt 6 Håvard Tvedten 6 (3), Jacob Baker Location 4 and Martin Larsen 4
Goalscorers for Natural House La Rioja: Aidenas Malasinkas 7, Alvarez Rodriques 3 Gonzalves Dos Santos 2, Jorge Lopez Pavan 2 Patrinaova Malburg 2, Luis Felipe Reina 2 Josep Gelma Masachs 2 Rafael Da Costa Capote 2, Angel Perez Fernandez 1 and Angel Romero Rodrigues 1