Vive Kielce Targi won against Orlen Wisla Plock 32:28 in the  fifth round of Polish national PGNiG Superleague. The team of Bogdan Wenta are the only team that has not lost even a point. It was the first meeting between the two Champions League participants. 


After three minutes, excellent winger of Wisla Plock,Valentin Ghionea open the score. Since the beginning of the match, the score was very close. Neither team could got advantage of more than one goal. After ten minutes, the scoreboard was 5:5. Thanks to goals from Paul Paczkowski and Mariusz Jurkiewicz ,Wisla had the first two goals lead. But Kielce did not let them dictate the game so with goals from Uros Zorman and Ivan Cupic made a draw. The hosts used the element of relaxation of guests and with incredibly fast Ghionea scored two goals (9:7), which was a signal, Bogdan Venta to call his first time-out. The same duo Zorman and Čupić made another equalizer. The winger made no mistake at a seven meters  line, and later went flawlessly from his nominal position (10:11). Manuel Cadenas quickly responded and another time-out was called.The guests in 22 minute for the first time had two-goal lead. A series of four goals in a row was interrupted only from the penalty line by Valentin Ghionea. Four minutes later Wisla had the ball in their hands and had the chance to tie, but Mariusz Jurkiewicz made a mistake in attack and then made very rough  foul over Peter Grabarczyk (second two minutes penalty). Peter Grabaczyk equalized to 14:14. After the first thirty minutes was 15:14.


The second half began with goals on both side and result 16:17.

Both teams were very nervous. Many lost balls, chaos in transition and many turnovers. Manuel Cadenas after six minutes of the second half put the green card on the officials table (at the score 17:19).

In 37th minute, after one of the clashes in front of Vive goal, Paul Paczkowski  left the floor on a stretcher . Most likely, there was a knee injury. With quick goals from Kamil Syprzaka and Valentina Ghionei Vive advantage dropped to one goal.  The home team made another tie with the goal of  Bostjan Kavas (20:20). That was the last draw in the match, Kielce players pick up the pace and Wisla Plock were still making mistakes in attack. Kielce first made two goals difference 21:23 and then to five goals 21:26. Vive Kielce controlled the result, and in the 57th was 26:30. After the time-out that Cadenas took, the two minutes penalty was awarded to Michael Jurecki. It gave a little hope to Plock fans. Vive coach decided to play with Uros Zorman as a marker. It was 28:30 when Wenta asked for his last time-out. After the game resumed, Vive Kielce tear up Plock defense, and Zorman made no mistake from six meters. Julen Aguinagalde sealed the away win. Finally, the first Polish ‘super clash’ ended with Vive victory, 32:28. The first chance for a rematch, Wisla Plock has in eight days, this time in the Champions League group stage competition.


Orlen Wisla Plock – Vive Kielce Trade Fairs 28:32 (15:14)
Orlen: Sego, Wichary – Jurkiewicz 9, Ghionea 8, Nenadic 3, Kavas 2, Syprzak 2, Eklemović 1 Paczkowski 1 Toromanović 1, Wisniewski 1, Kwiatkowski, Milas, Nikčević

Vive: Szmal, Losert – Čupić 8, Aguinagalde 7, Jurecki 5, Zorman 5, Lijewski 4, Musa 2, Jachlewski 1, Buntic, Chrapkowski, Grabarczyk Tkaczyk

After the match said:
Bogdan Wenta (coach Vive) on top of the game, a difficult game for both teams, a lot has happened. In this tragic-looking injury Paczkowski. Mariusz Jurkiewicz played with great determination and made ​​us a lot of problems. I thank the team, they played a good game.
Julen Aguinagalde (line-player Vive) : This was a difficult game for us, the second this week. We were a team and that was the key to victory. Now think about Wednesday’s game, but of course the Sunday meeting is important.
Manuel Cadenas (coach of the Wisla Plock) There were completely two different halves. At first we played well in the second was definitely worse. To win with the team as Vive need to have good health. We prevented a bit of injuries.Paczkowski did not train, he took part in the activities in the past two days. We suspect him to a serious knee injury.