It has been a long time since GOG has been in the top of the Danish handball, but yesterday GOG looked promising.
GOG and KIF Kolding – which today is called KIF Kolding Copenhagen – has played many great matches in history. Today was handball classic brought to life again with attraction and excitement.KIF Kolding Copenhagen won the highlight of the sixth round in men’s Danish league with a 27-22, but had a good opponent in GOG, which went bankrupt in 2010 and still could have gotten something more out of this game.

It was equal in the beginning of the game, but KIF Kolding Copenhagen put themselves in front with a pair of goals in the middle of the first half. This period was especially good for the middle back Bo Spellerberg, who scored for the away team a few times.

GOG came though well  at the end of the first half, where KIF Kolding failed with several attacks, and GOG utilized  a number of counter attacks.

Therefore, KIF Kolding was only ahead with 13-12 at the break, and GOG supporters had the feeling that the home team could easily create a surprise.

Lars Jorgensen and Joachim Boldsen took charge of the Kolding defense, but it was still not quite enough to tame a highly energetic GOG attacks.

The teams went together for most of the second half before KIF Kolding pulled a bit off and took the lead 20-18 after 42 minutes.

Kolding goalkeeper Kasper Hvidt saved several large GOG chances in that period, which was essential for the game.

GOG could easily have scored enough goals to take the lead, but they did not materialize and took advantage of their opponent’s mistakes. KIF Kolding could not get the ball in the goal neither, before Albert Rocas  scored for 21-18 after about eight minutes without a goal.

And then the guests woke up and took the game to a new level. They scored two goals and had  23-18 lead, and GOG was finally broken. KIF Kolding had no problems securing victory in the final minutes when Kasper Hvidt continued to act as living wall in the goal.

KIF Kolding Copenhagen now has 12 points after six wins in as many matches. It is the same number of points as leading team of Skjern. GOG has eight points in third place.

GOG Arena
05.10.2013, Gudme
GOG Håndbold: Niclas Vest Kirkeløkke 7, Minik Dahl Høegh 6, Kasper Dan Jørgensen 2, Kenneth Dahl Jørgensen 2, Tobias Torpegaard Møller 2, Lars Hald 1, Mads Bruus 1, Snorri Gudjonsson 1, Aku Akutaaneq Kreutzmann, Kasper Emil Kildelund, Kevin Møller, Lasse Kronborg, Mads Dyhr, Morten Bjørnshauge,
Patrick Eilert
KIF Kolding København: Bo Spellerberg 8, Albert Rocas 6, Lasse Andersson 4, Stefan Hundstrup 3, Cyril Viudes 2, Lukas Karlsson 2, Lasse Boesen 1, Torsten Laen 1, Kasper Hvidt, Lars Jørgensen, Lucas Bannerholt, Rasmus Jensen