On Tuesday evening KIF Kolding Copenhagen hosted Skjern in a match for the top spot in Danish national championship.  TRE Arena Brøndby was the place were a true handball drama took place as the two Danish top teams KIF Kolding Copenhagen and Skjern met in a direct duel for the first place in the league. The match lived up to the fullest expectations, and there was both excitement, great individual action and intensity. One could clearly feel that there was much at stake in that fight. KIF Kolding Copenhagen played great attack handball most of the match, and especially Bo Spellerberg, who had 10 scores. But Torsten Laen , Lasse Andersson and Stefan Hundstrup played well too, and they got the ball behind the goal line 5 times.  Cheered by a festive crowd , KIF Kolding Copenhagen pulled key victory with 29-27 (18-15 at the halftime).Skjern hung on for 57 minutes , but then things went south , that was used by  Bo Spellerberg and his teammates and they made the key attacks in the final moments for comfortable lead . At 27-27 Skjern – mistakes were punished , and so  KIF Kolding had the two goal lead 29-27 and took the top spot in the league.The guest were respected opponent and they proved that in this game, Skjern came back from 9-5 lead for the hosts and equalized to 10-10 in the first half, and they also had a draw few times during the game (23-23 and 27-27).KIF Kolding Copenhagen won the direct duel for the first place in the Danish handball league , and they are now unbeaten in seven game League . The match attendance was 5,063 , this season’s record for KIF Kolding Copenhagen.

– We are down and sad. You could stand to lose by two goals away to Kolding , but the way we lost to is hard to swallow. In the last ten minutes of the game we forgot completely all the tactical agreements , and that must not happen , explained Skjern left back, Henrik Møllgaard .

– The game was an eye opener for us. When we really are squeezed by a top team , we still have plenty to work with. There was a close race, and we could have won, but we were missing something.Game wise , I am not at all satisfied and I think we can play much, much better said Henrik Møllgaard.

-We should have won it here. It was largely Bo Spellerberg and Lukas Karlsson, who hurt us , and it is bad that we did not manage to control it. Kolding was in front for most of the game, but I feel that we had chances and opportunities to win. Therefore it hurts right nowsaid Skjern top scorer, Kasper Søndergaard.