KIF Kolding Kobenhavn 23:22 Orlen Wisla Plock

It was very important win for KIF Kolding in front of their home spectators, the burden of the outcome did not let the game have more beautiful and attractive handball, but it was obvious that both teams wanted the points and need this points.
Alberto Rocas opened the score 1-0 with a fast break, and even scored for the first three goal lead 5:2 for the home team. Wisla players were not a monolith in defense and the hosts reached clear situations, in which Marin Sego was helpless. The guests finally caught a breath moment when after a suspension penalty Torsten Laen was benched. Guests slowly regained their rhythm, but it were still the Danes who dominated. Trailing  up by two goals difference with the goal of Kamil Syprzak, and a moment later, finally scored the best player of Wisla, Marcin Lijewski (8:7), it was a time Kolding’s coach to asked for a break for his players. After the timeout, Bo Spellerberg scored for 9-7 but Plock line player retaliated. After a period of ineffective play from both sides the guests were first to score, namely Adam Wisniewski, who helix tip between Kasper Hvidt legs and equalized 9:9. The last minute of the first half belonged to the hosts and they went on a break with two goals lead 13:11, with a seven meter score by Rocas.KIF11WEB-700x466After the change of sides, Orlen Wisla slowly began to control the game on the court. Nikcevic managed to equalize the score and even had a chance to take the lead but  Bo Spellerberg punished his mistake and scored for a new lead for KIF. After two quick goals by Andersson the home team jumped on two goals difference.   Petar Nenadic had a weaker day and Lijewski was less effective than usual. A ll the weight of scoring  goals fell on Ghioena, but he also began to lose fights with Hvidt, whose performance in the last quarter of the match was more than 40 percent. But hte home team lost their concentration in attack and let Wisla  once again to the equalization 18:18. In this last period of the match the main accent was given to the defense and the key player, who decided the match was Kasper Hvidt. KIF Kolding defeated Orlen Wisla with the final 22:23.KIF Kolding Kobenhavn: Spellerberg 6, Anderson 5, Rocas Comas 5, Jorgensen 2, Laen 2, Viudes 2, Hundstrup 1, Boesen, Boldsen, Hvidt, Jensen, Karlsson, Pedersen, Ravn, Theilgaard, Westphal
Orlen Wisla Plock: 7 Ghionea, 5 Jurkiewicz, 3 Nikcevic, 3 Syprzak, 2 Lijewski, 2 Wisniewski, Goralski, Kavas, Kwiatkowski, Milas, Nenadic, Sego1, Toromanovic, Wichary

HC Metalurg 33:29 HC Dinamo Minsk

Metallurg was triumphant over Dynamo Minsk with 33-29 in front of full home arena “Boris Trajkovski” (7000 spectators) . Although, Metallurg usually gets points with Lino Cervar’s good defense tactics, this time it was lacking quality, but the attack worked flawlessly and secured the home team a very important victory. The match will be remembered for the controversial behavior of Darko Stanic, who in the first half declined to enter in the game after he was replaced by the Montenegrin goalkeeper Rade Mijatovic.

Metalurg Minsk

In the first half, Dynamo Minsk was in a lead, most of the game, the hosts tried to get back ahead but they only managed to equalize (11 times), until in 27th minute Metalurg  with a goal of the left winger Goce Ojlevski, who came in the game as a substitution for Dejan Manaskov, reached the first lead 18-17 after lagging for 20 minutes. Goce Ojlevski was the player that gave Metalurg first two goals lead one minute before the end of the first half.At a half time break the guests were trailing by two 20-18.

At the start of the second half Metalurg took the initiative, Naumce Mojstovski, was accurate and scored twice in the row and the Macedonian team first time reached the “plus three” (22-19). Ojlevski continued his excellent game, scored quick two goals, and the advantage  of Macedonian runner-up reached 24-20. However, guests responded and close the gap to only two goals, 25-23. Vugrinec got two minutes suspension, Pejanovic was into the groove and Dynamo use it fully to get back into the match through Shelmenko, 25-25.

Stanic, who got between the posts in the second half, did not get into his rhythm, and was again replaced by Mijatovic. Minsk made a mistake in attack, Mijatovic tied some good interventions and Metalurg again led by two goals (28-26). The crucial mistake in offense the guests made it in 54′  and Vugrinec turn it to 30-27. In the last five minutes, Metalurg knew how to keep the two points at home and signed their third victory in the fourth match of Group C in the Champions League.

Naumce Mojsovski with seven goals was top scorer at Metallurg, six reached Atman and Vugrinec. In Dynamo Minsk,  Rutenka was accurate seven times, one more than Ninchevic.
HC Metalurg:Mojsovski 7, Atman 6,Vugrinec 6, Ojleski 5, Dimovski 4, Georgievski 3, Manaskov 1, Pecakovski 1, Jonovski, Kedzo, Mandic, Markoski, Markoski, Mijatovic, Mojsoski, Stanic
HC Dinamo Minsk: 7 Rutenka, 6 Nincevic, 5 Doborac, 4 Shelmenko, 3 Nikulenkau, 2 Bombac, 2 Bundalo, Aguirrezabalaga Garcia, Bogdanov, Brouka, Doroshchuk, Markelau, Miklavcic, Nakhaenko, Pejanovic, Stetsyura


FC Porto Vitalis 22 : 21 Dunkerque HB Grand Littoral

This Sunday, FC Porto Vitalis beat the French team Dunkerque (22-21), and won the first game in the group stage of EHF Champions League ever! In an emotional game decided in the final seconds, the soul of the Dragons made the difference in the decisive moments.
With plenty of support from the fans (1.102 in the audience) and ready for another game in the biggest European club competition, the fives times Portuguese national champions soon showed what they were there for, quickly getting to the lead on the scoreboard. With an aggressive defense and more efficiency in the attack, FC Porto Vitalis went to half-time with a two goals lead (13-11).

Porto DunkerqueThe start of the second half was not as easy for the team of coach Ljubomir Obradovic, though. Not only did the defense lose intensity, the offence kept making mistakes, allowing the French team to react, as they came more focused for the second-half. The lead was swinging from one side to another but both team did not made more than two goals difference in the match

With little over two minutes to go until the end, with the score showing a tie (21-21), Miguel Sarmento hit the bar of the goal defended by Vincent Gerard, in an announcement of what was to come. With 1:14 minutes to go, the young player who coming from ABC broke the tie and made it 22-21. The whiter and blue fans were ecstatic at the sound of the end of the match, as they should: it was the first ever victory for  the home team n the group stage of the EHF Champions League. History was made.



FC Porto Vitalis-Dunkerque, 22-21
EHF Champions League, group B, 4th round
20th of October 2013
Dragão Caixa, Porto (1.102 in attendance)

Referees: Vaclav Horacek and Jiri Novotny (Czech Republic)

FC PORTO VITALIS: Aldredo Quintana (g.k); João Ferraz (3), Gilberto Duarte (4), Tiago Rocha (6), Wilson Davyes (4), Ricardo Moreira (1) and Mick Schubert (3)
Also played: Hugo Laurentino (g.k), Daymaro Salina, Miguel Sarmento (1)
Coach: Ljubomir Obradovic

DUNKERQUE: Vincent Gerard (g.k), Baptiste Butto (1), Espen Lie Hansen (3), Kornel Nagy (4), Benjamin Afgour (4), Pierre Soudry (3) and Theophile Causse (1)
Also played: Nicolas Nieto, Guillaume Joli (3), Julian Emonet (2), Christoffer Rambo
Coach: Patrik Cazal