With the match between DIJON – MONTPELLIER 22-26 second round of LNH league has finished.

The guests won by 4 goals, after the disappointment and not qualifying in EHF Champions league, Montpellier focused all their energy in their national championship and after two rounds  have two wins.

The biggest disappointment of the second round was the very tight win of the champion PSG on home court against Chambery. It is bad news for the team officials of PSG but good news for  LNH championship since it makes it more interesting and exciting.
Although Chambery was the better opponent in the end Montpelier fans were the ones that celebrated. Chambery had the lead almost 55 minutes, both teams came into the last minute with same hopes  at 29-29 but Daniel Narcisse scored 20 seconds before the final siren announced the end.Edin Basic had penalty shot and equalizer in his hands 1 second before the end but Patrice Annonay stopped him and took their first win in LNH championship.

Cesson-Rennes was a pleasant surprise since they were one of  the teams to win away game, together with Montpellier and Aix. After a draw in the first match against Chambery they won and they are on the top level of the scoreboard.Leader of the wining team was ANIC Igor with 6 goals (67%), but also key player was  the goalkeeper GENTY Yann with 19 saves (50% from active play), in the loosing team the only bright spot in Nimes team was also their goalkeeper Yassine Idrissi with 20 saves (42% )  and SAURINA Guillaume with 7 goals (50%).


The results of the second round:

DUNKERQUE             31 – 27    TOULOUSE
PARIS                         30 – 29    CHAMBÉRY
SAINT RAPHAEL       2 9 – 26    TREMBLAY
NANTES                     32 – 27      SÉLESTAT
NÎMES                        22 – 27    CESSON-RENNES
IVRY                            20-21       AIX