After the equal match against Nexe, the team of Metalurg today played against Partizan. In this match the coach Lino Cervar decided to rest more players from the starting line-up, and to give a chance to the young players of Metalurg who knew how to use this opportunity. The match started with an equal game, and in the 7th minute Partizan had the only lead of 2-3. Than Metalurg started to play in his recognizable rhythm, and through 2 fast counter-attacks of Velko Markovski and one goal of Georgievski in the 17th minute had the first lead with 4 goals diference (9-5). Meanwhile Metalurg was mantaining that diference with 3-4 goals. During the first half the coach Lino Cervar gave a chance to the 17 years old Filip Talevski, one of the biggest young talents in Metalurg, with his first goal in the 25th minute brought the biggest lead of 5 goals. In the 27th minute with the goal of Kostadinovic Partizan managed to reduce the diference on 13-10, and Pecakovski with a goal in the last minite determineted the final result of the first half 14-10.
In the first half Nikola Mitrevski was excellent on the goal, with 9 saves.
In the second half Metalurg entered in a magnificent period of the match, and managed constantly to increase the difference. First of all with the goal of Kosteski (another rising star in Metalurg), in the 39th minute, increased the lead of 6 goals (18-12), and after 3 minutes already had a lead of 10 goals. In this period, the team of Partizan had not scored for 8 minutes. In the 52nd minute Talevski with a new goal, led Metalurg to the biggest difference of 25-14. In the last 8 minutes of the match, Metalurg lost the concentration on the field, and that was used by the team of Partizan that made a series of 4-0, and with the goal of Kostadinovic reduced the difference on 25-18 in the 55th minute. Until the end, the game was equal, and the final result was 26-21 for the hosts.
Top scorers in the winning team: Atman and Talevski(4 goals). In the team of Partizan top scorers were: Marsenic and Kostadinovic (4 goals).Statements after the game:

Filip Talvski,left back (Metalurg):
As youngest player in team I’m happy to have chance to play and hope I will use every chance that the coach will give me. I am very honored to be part of this team. Normally I’m pleased that we won this game.

Aleksandar Boskovic(coach of Partizan):

I can be satisfied with some moments of the game, but there were a lot of periods that make me unsatisfied. At the end we not allowed to be defeated by a very big difference, but I ‘m not satisfied from some of my players.We have played with an opponent from we can learn a lot. I want Metalurg to play against us in the strongest line up. This may be worse for us, but we can learn something plus.