Group B

HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb 22-33 MKB Veszprem

MKB Veszprem justified the role of favorite and left Zagreb with two points in the pocket. With the amazing Mirko Alilovic on the goal it could not be different. On the other side Ivic and Stevanovic together had 7 saves which is one of the reasons for the defeat of Zagreb. The players of Veszprem gave to HC Zagreb a real handball lesson, first in defense and then in attack. The trio Ilic, Nagy and Sulic was amazing in the attack of Veszprem,and together scored 16 goals. Nagy scored 6,Ilic and Sulic 5 goals.In the team of HC Zagreb top scorer was Mandolinic with 6 goals,and Stepancic scored one goal less.

The defense 6-0 of the Hungarians made the team of HC Zagreb to shot from 10 meters, and this shots were easy to catch for the amazing Alilovic. The coach of HC Zagreb Dvorsek tried to return his team back in the game, but Zagreb scored only 8 goals (8-15) in the first half. Veszprem in the first 10 minutes of the game made a huge difference that managed to maintain until the end of the game. Maybe the difference would not be so huge if the coach of HC Zagreb did not play the last minutes of the game with the young players like Teo Čorić,  Ante Kaleb, Lovro Mihić and Luka Šebetić.
After all, the difference in quality was obvious, and Veszprem won the two planned points.

HC Croatia Osiguranje Zagreb: Mandalinic 6, Stepancic 5, Horvat 3, Kaleb 3, Sprem 2, Maric 1, Mihic 1, Valcic 1, Coric, Ivic, Matic, Matulic, Sebetic, Stevanovic, Susnja, Valcic
MKB Veszprem 6 Nagy, 5 Ilic, 5 Sulic, 4 Ivancsik, 3 Gulyas, 3 Jamali, 3 Schuch, 2 Ivancsik, 1 Pesic, 1 Terzic, Alilovic, Fazekas, Rodriguez Vaquero, Ruesga Pasarin, Ugalde Garcia