Nexe and Lovcen draw in Osijek 26:26. With this point more satisfied are the hosts that in the last two seconds of the match avoid the defeat. Lovcen took control over the game very early and in the 14th minute had a lead of 6:3 and soon 10:5. The visitors played good difence and forced the team of Nexe to make a lot of technical mistakes, and in attack played patiently with easy solotions for the rivals difence. The first half ended with a lead of the visitors 9:15.

Нексе-Лов 2
Lovcen started the second half in the same rhythm,and had a lead most of the time. The biggest lead was 7 goals diference (14:21). But Nexe did not mean to give up easily and in the last 10 minutes started to get back in game. Their leader in those moments,and leader of the match in general,was Vujic that scored 9 goals. With his goal Nexe got back to -3 (20:23) in the 52nd minute. Lovcen mantained that diference until the last 90 seconds. With the goals of Jurjevic and Vujic, the visitors had a lead of just 1 goal. Lovcen had a chance to resolve the match in the last attack, but after they have missed Nexe got a chance to tie the result and managed to accomplish that with the goal of Jurjevic two seconds before the end of the match. The final result was 26:26.

Igor Marković (Best scorer of Lovcen):

Congratutations to NEXE and the fans. It was a dramatic game, like each one we’ve played against each other. We didn’t deserve to loose, since this draw feels like a loss to us, after we had 7 goals advantage. We didn’t gain a point, we lost two points and I’m sorry for the team and our sports director, who stepped in as coach, that we didn’t win today. We fought, gave our maximum and showed that we have the quality necessary to play in SEHA Gazprom South Stream League.

Tibor Jurjević (Nexe`s player):

It wasn’t the plan that I should shoot the last ball, but they’ve blocked our wings, so I had to do it. Now it was my time to make decisive shot, next time it will be someone else. We’ve opened the match badly and I don’t know what’s the reason, fatigue or something else. At the end we showed the character, we prooved that we’re good, despite the bad start.

Željko Petričević(Lovćen’s coach):

Our games are always with lot of fighting, dinamics and quality and I think the audiance could have enjoyed. I’m not satisfied with the final result, there were some strange decisions at the end. But, I want to congratulate to my players, we gave our maximum. We wanted the victory here, we saw how NEXE played against Partizan and we took advantage of their fatigue, at least in the first 40 minutes of the game.

Zdenko Kordi (Coach of NEXE):

We had very hard schedule in the past 2 weeks, with 5 heavy games and some long trips. That caused us problems with our roster, since Kružić and Mrđenović could not have played due to injuries, while Eter hurt his fist at the final training before the game. We knew that Lovćen is a strong team, that they play excellent handball and their position at the table does not show their real quality. I congratulate Lovćen for the game they played here, but at the end we showed the character, since we managed to come back from 7 goals deficit. After all, I have to be satisfied with the draw and the point we took.

Gradski vrt Osijek, Osijek

RK Nexe: Goalkeepers-Lelic(7/24 saves), Pivac(2/11), Jankovic(/).
Players: Bures, Eter, Franjo Lelic(3), Vesligaj, Tomas, Jurjevic(5), Sokolic, Vujic(9), Bozic-Pavletic, Sakic, Vegar(1), Tomic(4), Ivic(4)
Head coach: Zdenko Cordi

RK Lovcen: Goalkeepers-Abramovic(9/31), Borilovic
Players: Vukicevic(3), Popovic(4), Radovic, Markovic(5), Perunicic, Draskovic(4), Radovic(3), Kaludjerovic, Ojdanic, Nikolic(3), Cizmovic(4), Stanojevic, Lasica
Head coach: Zoran Abramović