Vojvodina-Vardar 21-30

After loosing from Tatran in the last round, the Macedonian champion defeated HC Vojvodina in Novi Sad with 21-30(12-16). This is the third win for the ,,red and black” in the last 5 games. Most of the first half was equal. Vardar managed to take the lead in the last seven minutes of the fist half. With two goals of Vladimir Petric and one goal of Matijas Brumen, Vardar came to 11-14 in 25 min. With a series of 5-1 the guests went to half-time with 12-16. Vardar continued with a good pace in the second half. With the goals of Dibirov and Abutovic, Macedonian team in 37 min increased the result to 13-19. In the next period of the game the team of Vojvodina managed to reduce the difference to 18-20, but Vardar did not stop there and with the series of 7-1 increased to 19-27 in 56 min. Finally HC Vardar won with 21-29.

Top scorers
Vardar-Brumen (7goals), Pribak (5goals)
Vojvodina- Elezovic (5goals)

On October 8, Vardar plays at home against Nexe.

Metalurg-Nexe 24-24


Croatian vice champion Nexe remains unbeaten in Skopje once again after 24-24 draw with Macedonian runner up Metalurg in 5th round in SEHA GSS league. Macedonian team was clear favorite before the game, and had perfect opening with 9-1 lead, but they allowed the guest team to get back into the game and  made the finish uncertain.
When Zdenko Kordi, guest coach asked for time-out in 8 minute, after 7-1 lead for HC Metalurg, and home team continued to score every chance they got, many fans in “Boris Trajkovski” arena, believed this could be just “strong practice” for their idols. Instead, Nexe started playing aggressive in defense, patiently in attack, and slowly reduced the difference. Goalkeeper Perica Lelic managed to save 10 attempts including three penalties (by Vugrinec, Dimovski and Atman). Seven goals lead (11-4) in 16 minute, were reduced to just three at the halftime. Franjo Lelic miss penalty in last 30 second in first halftime.

Five minutes into second half brought the first tie (14-14). Nexe started to play much better, but Metalurg goalkeeper Rade Mijatovic “woke up” and had five saves in five minutes including penalty by Franjo Lelic.

Metalurg once again made three goals series, and led with 24-21 three minutes before the end. When everybody thought “game over”,  Nexe prove them wrong. Igor Vujov score, Perica Lelic save penalty by Renato Vugrinec and again there was uncertainty on the court.

Marin Sakic, line player at the end was Nexe’s hero. He scored last two goals. Metalurg have 30 second to make a shot for victory, Lino Cervar  put extra player as replacement for goalkeeper but they failed to shot.

Our rival showed great character, fight until the last seconds and deserved one point. We start well, but then our concentration was low, which allowed  Nexe  back into the game and to get confidence. That’s reason for reversal.

It’s not good when you start to think for championship after one victory, or to stop play when have high advantage in the beginning of the game. I’ll put a lot of criticizam to my players, especially those with more experiences, like Naumce Mojsovski and Renato Vugrinec. I had to put more youngsters, but “older”ones which took their places, continued to play irresponsibly and selfish. Some players show real potential like Rade Mijatovic, said Lino Cervar, Metalurg’s coach.

Nexe show good example how teams have to play and fight during 60 minutes. My players helped me many times in defense. We had good period and some bad, said Rade Mijatovic.

We took points from very quality team, and we should be pleased. We knew that we have to play 120 percent if we  wanted to be on equal level with Metalurg. I hope this game will help Metalurg on positive way for next matches in EHF Champions league, said Zdenko Kordi, Nexe’s coach.

We were impressed from rival, hall and home supporters. But continued to play much relaxed and just to carry out the orders of the coach. Maybe had some luck, but we are very happy for this point, said Marin Sakic

Nexe stays in Skopje, and in Tuesday will play against Vardar, while Metalurg will host Partizan .

Other results round five:

Tatran-Lovcen 32-29

Partizan-Borac 20-22